Trump sues Tribunal Supremo federal reviewer Wisconsin case

Madison, Wisconsin – President Donald Trump’s campaign led March to the Supreme Court of Justice in its failed request that impose the results of the Wisconsin elections.

Trump lost the state ahead of Democrat Joe Biden by approximately 21,000 votes. The president’s campaign presented a request in the Supreme Court to treat more than 221,000 ballots in the Dane and Milwaukee counties, the two with the mayor’s inclination in the state.

Trump would like to see the ballots for a vote in person presented in a manner anticipated and in person, arguing that he did not have written consent for the ballots, as well as the ballot papers deposited by persons who declared “indefinitely” condition; balloons collected by electoral workers in Madison Parks; and ballot papers for voting in elections where electoral staff will provide the missing information in the ballot papers.

The Supreme Court has rejected the request with 4 votes in favor and 3 against, and it was Trump’s impeachment against the voters that were indefinitely confined to sustainable support and that the other denominations were presented very late.

The Trump campaign is pushing for the United States Supreme Court to declare that the Wisconsin elections will fail and allow the Republican-controlled legislature to design state electors.

Trump and his allies have suffered dozens of riots in demand presented in Wisconsin and all the countries that are rooted in infamous allegations of fraud and electoral abuse in a generalized manner. The president also attended the federal Supreme Court last week to file three cases of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania related to votes and allow the General Assembly of Pennsylvania to elect its own list of electors.