Trump-kritikus – fashion reviews by not giving a port to Melania

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  • Trump withdrew a critique of fashion magazines by not giving Melania Trump a speech during his presidency.
  • The President will refer to a media article by Conservative Breitbart.
  • Michelle Obama, 56 years old, appeared in a 12-star show during her time at Casa Blanca.

And pleno día de Navidad, the president of Donald Trump, critic – a new fashion revistas of no haber dado and Melania Trump a portada while she was first lady.

The President withdrew the Fires by night from an article by the Conservative Breitbart, which reads: “The elitist esnobs of the fashion press have maintained the first elegant lady in the history of the United States to carry out his portraits for 4 consecutive years” .

Speaking of his Twitter account, Trump shared the all-out assertion that Melania is “the (first lady) most of all time” and called “false notices” in the polls in question.

Cabe records that Michelle Obama, 56 years old, appeared in a 12-year-old house in Casa Blanca, while Melania, 50 years old, did not appear in a single house during her four-year term, agreed with the Daily Mail.

Trump-kritikus – fashion reviews by not giving a port to Melania. Photo: Twitter

Breitbart’s article details Melania’s attitude when it comes to the Casa Blanca’s salaries to pass Christmas with the Trump family’s extension at its Mar-a-Lago residence.

Agreed to the media, the first lady to raise black Louboutin black leather boots, valued at $ 2,195, and an Azzedine Lana apron that cost $ 6,610.

In response to the publication, Trump fans will agree with Breitbart meanwhile tweeting praises for the first lady salient.

“Melania is always, always impressive and elegant! It’s lost millions without having published stories about the port of our encounter Melania longed for the Patriots’, wrote a Twitter user.

In February, fans too were disappointed that conservative actor James Woods questioned that the first lady “never adored the portraits of our nation’s style magazines.”