Trump Firm New Economic Alive Plan to Block Dias

Trump’s firm has denied that federal programs, which provide benefits to the disenfranchised, will expire on Saturday night, leaving 12 million expatriates spending on the economic crisis.

Die president, Donald Trump, het die domingo se plan van alivio económico que proportionie 900.000 millones de dolares, paquete considerad essencial para enderezar el rumbo de la primera mundia ekonomia, fuertemente golpeada por la pandemia de coronavirus. The decision is based on a change of mandate for the mandate, which was negotiated during the day to approve this project, which was approved by the Congress on 21 December.

Trump has blamed the 2.3 billion dollar bill on the Lord of the Rings at its Mar-a-Lago (Florida) residence. This package, known as Omnibus, includes the second plan of approval approved this year in EE.UU. and 1.4 trillion dollars to finance the Administration until September 2021.

“This is a package of omnibus and covid-19 with a roundabout message that will make it clear to Congress that the points of the law that will put a deroche tenien to retire” of the text, Trump signaled in a statement. The mandate ensures that, given the firm’s project, it hopes that the Congress will approve a change at the time it sets the record of a single $ 600 million contribution to compensate for the pandemic’s efforts.

Trump will also ensure that Congress approves the Administration’s financing plan with subordinated parties in order to act, but it is not clear that the legislators will change anything.

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To this end, the Trump firm despises that of federal programs, which provide benefits to the disenfranchised, expire on Saturday night, giving 12 million expatriates spending on the economic crisis. Trump’s speech implies a retreat to the hour of new management of this kind of benefits for the stadiums.

However, Michele Evermore, senior policy analyst at the Ley Nacional de Empleo, explained to the New York Times that the company’s mandate included the project on Saturday, the states had a necessary time to reprogram the computer systems.

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“The states can not pay benefits before the company’s project is carried out, which means that if the president does not have the company before Saturday, the benefits will not be renewed until the first week of January. But I will also terminate the mediation in March, effectively recording the extension of 11 to 10 weeks ”, reads in an analysis of the stadium diary.

What is Trump’s indication?

During several days, the President rejected the package approved by the Congress and filed, among other things, that increased from 600 to 2,000 dollars in direct payments to contributors. Trump calls the pageant an “excuse” and says that the $ 600 bills included in the aid are “ridiculously low”.

What is the package of aids?

In addition to direct payments, the discount includes a subsidy of 300 dollars per week, 325,000 million for business assistance (275,000 for them for the payment of appointments), 45,000 million for public transport systems, 82,000 million for school kilometers of millions in commode coupons, aid to tenants and for the distribution of vacancies.

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