treatment that associates powder with cognitive deficits in patients

Eduardo Najar
Latin Agencia de Noticias Medicina y Salud Pública

Some consequences or secondary effects can occur in those patients who have a tumor that originates in the cognitive system or its treatments

According to the impressive publication of the journal Medicina y Salud Pública (MSP), die Dokter David Blas Boria, neuro-oncologist explaining mental nebulosidad, a repercussion that can originate from a tumor located in the cognitive zone and in addition to a new effect caused by systemic therapies in patients undergoing chemotherapy during cancer.

Cómo supports the medicine a cognitive irregularity can manifest in any typology of cancer. It is determined by the diagnosis of the disease that can vary from 90% in those individuals with primary cerebral tumors and from 15 to 75% in patients who develop senile cancer, according to the specialist.


The origin of any cognitive repercussion is not associated with chemotherapy. Without embarrassment, the literature affirms that some of these other therapies can point to this malignancy and mainly the formation of abnormal masses.

Some strains such as chronic fatigue and poor health can be indicative of irregularities in the cognitive system. It also results in the existence of patients with a deterrent and the prognosis and can be more susceptible to developing problems in their nervous system after determining treatment for the cancer.


Currently there is no specific treatment directed at cognitive shifts that can experiment with patients with cancer, since this condition is due to other factors or agents that impulse it irregularity, such as its stress.

The specialist in the article recalls that the first step to being able to avoid an individual from being sick in his nervous system is treating those symptoms that propel this type of comorbidities.