TRACK: icy rain overnight

Tonight: Flags and freezing rain will continue on Wednesday around 03:00. This will add an ice sheen. This will make it smoother. The wind comes from the south and will move north at 10-20 km / h overnight. The wind will be light between 02:00 and 05:00.

Wednesday: Clouds gradually become clear during the day with a stormy northwest wind of 10-20 km / h. The temperature warms up to the upper 20s.

Wednesday evening: Mostly clear with a light northwest wind. The temperature drops in the single digits in the morning.

Thursday: Another quiet day to clean up one storm and get ready for another. A mix of sun and clouds today with highs near 20.

Friday: There’s another round of snow on the way. The next storm brings windy northeast winds with a few inches of snow. High temperatures will be in the top 20s.