Today’s High Horoscope December 27, 2020 – Free Press

ARIES (March 21 to April 20) –

Love: your partner takes the relationship as a game and starts to feel the pressure of disgust. Relax. Salud: si usa menos sal, mejor. Surprise: the actions of a molestaran friend.

TAURO (April 21 to May 20) –

Love: sharing the most beautiful lives with your partner. It will be the renaissance of a dull intimacy. Salud: experimentar gran vigor. Surprisingly: a tradition results in aburrida.

GÉMINIS (21 May and 21 June) –

Amor: I will discuss important important details. Attention and the best causes. Salud: tension in the pelvis. Surprise: llega aquella visita que menos espera.

CANCER (June 22 to July 23) –

Love: a dulce current of sentiments flows from his courage and allows to be clarified who loves. Salud: relax and descend more. Surprise: there will be the development of a little bitch.

LEO (July 24 and August 23) –

Love: if there is no limit to its size, the life of its partner will be an end. Contengase and listen to the coronation of the other. Salud: benotzen ropa comoda y fresca. Surprisingly: a coincidence will be the most desperate.

VIRGO (24 August to 23 September) –

Love: Alguien de su entorno le atraerá porque surgirá inesperada afinidad. Inminent romance. Salud: acquire beber agua segura. Surprise: a change of planes will be favorable.

LIBRA (September 24th to October 22nd) –

Love: exagera su character and eso le convierte en cascarrabias. Relax or your partner will have the reason. Salud: safe with the esfuerzos. Surprise: an elevated object will be valious.

ESCORPIO (October 23 and November 22) –

Amor: su pareja le traerá un regalo que le deslumbrará. The things to start with are better. Salud: dolores de cabeza. Surprisingly: some will make incredible excuses.

SAGITARIO (November 23 and 21 days) –

Amor: idealize to su parja le conduce a ver cosas que no son lo que parecen; equilibrium. Salud: el deporte le hará bien. Surprise: the conduct of a friend will be onverklaarbaar.

CAPRICORNIO (22 December to 20 January) –

Love: a tonto incident will be the excuse to have a relationship with that person that attracts. Salud: cuide sus rodillas y tobillos. Surprise: super difficult obstacle to pass.

ACUARIO (January 21 and February 19) –

Love: a quote the lennará of enthusiasm. Vaya con cautela y evite dar detalles de su vida sentimental. Salud: believe us well. Surprise: it reveals a graceful secret.

PISCIS (Feb 20 to March 20) –

Love: his act has made many people want to touch his penises. Covered, or accommodated to your partner. Salud: dejará un hábito pernicioso. Surprise: finally finally a reconciliation.

If you are a couple today you are a person: intelligent, lovable and supportive. Comprehensible with authority models.