Through initial optimism, Wall Street hopes to increase the potential for aid to the state.

New York Ball Correctors (Reuters)
New York Ball Correctors (Reuters)

La New York ball abrió con leves ganancias este martes, luego de los récords del lunes, mientras el Senado se alista a vota un posible aumento des ayudas directas de 600 dolares que prevés et plan de rescate economic, con la proplast de elevarlas a 2.000 dolares, com el Partido Demócrata and President Donald Trump.

Minutes after the campaign, the index Dow jones advance 0.5%, the same as the selective S&P 500, while the technology Nasdaq soma 1.1%. Prohibition of probation, one hour later the gangs are fighting in moderation, bordering the border.

For sectors, mayors are advancing for energy, sanitation and non-essential businesses. “The combination of vacancies, fiscal and monetary policy estimates will continue to create a positive background scenario for early 2021 markets,” said Mark Haefele, head of investment at UBS Global Wealth Management.

In Europe, the trend is positive: in the media jornada, the London ball captures the gains, with 2.09%, while Paris sube 0.4%; Madrid, 0.6% and the index Dax German advance 0.15%. The negative note is the weight of the ball of Milan, with a life cycle of 0.09%.

The possibility of additional estimates in the EU increases further with the inversion rate of the coronavirus epidemic. In hindsight, the House of Representatives is proposing to raise $ 600 to $ 2,000 in direct aid to state families, an initiative that needs to reciprocate the Senate’s good views, which will define the posture of Republican Conservatives.

Wall Street’s triple-hub record: the Dow Jones index, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq are raising unparalleled levels once the EU president’s president announces the new estimate, estimated at $ 900,000 million.