Three flights that iban to Santiago from EE.UU. Fueron deviados a Las Américas por mal tiempo

At least three commercial flights directing to Santiago International Airport, from the United States, departing from Las Americas International Airport, the madrugada of this Saturday under the conditions prevalent in the Santiago terminal time.

Between the deviating flights are two of the JetBlue airline, the 558-JB airline, from the New York City, to the Santiago de los Caballeros International Terminal.

According to the information, this airplane also suffers from a malfunction in its navigation team, which is why the pilot decided to divert the aircraft to Las Americas.

The aircraft arrived at the 3 and 18 minutes of the madrugada on the piste of Las Américas, José Francisco Peña Gómez, without any counter-tempo.

While due to the poor climatological conditions that are registered even above the Santiago terminal, with no doubt that impedes the visibility of the access road to the pilots, others of the flights would deviate from the Las America terminal.

One of them on the Spirit Airlines airline and the JetBlue fleet, the first pro-Miami, EEUU and second-largest city in New York City, with decades of Dominican residents in this city, año en el país.

Ambas operations atrizaron in the madrugada of this Saturday in the airport Las Américas, José Francisco Peña Gómez. For this Saturday it is hoped that the planes will return to the Santiago terminal.


With regard to the passengers of the three departing flights to Santo Domingo, these flights were transferred to the first hours of high in Santiago, from Las Americas, due to the diligence of the staff of the respective airlines.

One of JetBlue’s aeronautics, the most desperate in its toadavía navigation team this medium is located in the cargo area of ​​the Las Americas airport, where it