Three deaths and three deaths at a hospital in Illinois, EEUU

At least three people will die this Saturday and the other three will result in a draw at a bowling club in the EU.
At least three people will die this Saturday and the other three will result in a draw at a bowling club in the EU.

Three people murmuron and other three result heridas the sabbath during a tiroteo in a bowling alley in Illinois, United States, inform the police.

Rockford City security forces are pushing for the public to move away from the area where the bowling alley is located and where an “active situation” is located, while agents say they are lying..

Todavía is undergoing an active investigation. We have three individuals confirmed as failures ”, dijo el jefe policeman Dan O’Shea at a conference afuera del luar.

It also informs that other people are being treated here by the army and the institute as attendees are local hospitals.

“We have a person in custody. This is basically what we are currently doing ”, O’Shea added, no details if the shooter has any motive for entering the act.

The establishment gave the tiroteo post on his Facebook page after the incident: “Recen, por favor”.

Illinois Security Forces
Illinois Security Forces

An armed man opened a bowling alley inside Illinois, killing three people and firing three others in what authorities said was an attack on Azar.

A “suspicious person” was detained after a Saturday night shooting at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, 128 miles northeast of Chicago, where a security guard was called.

The Rockford Police Chief, Dan O’Shea, said during a press conference that some of the recipients are adolescents.

O’Shea did not disclose the additional information about the victims, nor from the person who was detained. Describes that the violent action was contained and said that no official hobbies were created without his arms being handed over to the person below.

The Rockford Register Star announced that this year 2020 is the period in which the most homicides for homicides were registered in the city, please inform that it has been renovated since 1965. Thirty-five people have been charged in solitary confinement this year, holding the previous record of 31 deaths in 1996.

If the reasons that motivate this attack are known, even if the head of the local security forces has insured that “he has an aleatory”, he makes statements issued to the local news chain NBC.

The investigators have not fully clarified the allegations, they are han encortrado cuerpos tanto fuera como dentro del local, while he confirmed that between the herids hay “adolescents”.

In addition, due to the state restrictions on the pandemic, the bowling alley must be closed.


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