This year is a “baby boom” between the famous

Madrid. Katy Perry, Rooney Mara, Chiara Ferragni, Gigi Hadid or Eugenia de York are some of the celebrities who in 2020 announced their next maternity leave or were transformed into mothers, in a year of “baby boom” between the celebrities.

Models, ‘influencers’, actresses, singers and members of the realm have found a motive to celebrate in 2020. While some have saluted accounts during this year, others have approved to announce their embarrassing embargoes, and to wait for the posterity in social speeches posted with ecographs.

From the pair formed by Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix, which daban the 27th of September the welcome to his first hijo, River -homenaje al hermano falecido del actor-, pasando por Leighton Meester (who starred in Blair Waldorf’s fama ‘in “Gossip Girl”, who in April announced that he would be hoping to join the actor next Adam Brody, hasta españolas como Paula Echevarría, embarrassed by his second hat, the first fruit of the relationship with his partner, the ex-football player Miguel Torres.

The world of the big pawn has been marked by embarrassments this year, even though it is the real one. And as of September 25, Buckingham Palace confirmed through an official statement the embargo of Eugenia de York, fruit of his matrimony with Jack Brooksbank, two years after his placement in the Windsor castle.

Dentro de la nobleza, the Peruvian Alessandra of Osma and Christian of Hanover, principles of Hanover, llegaban in July with an allegory for double party, to convert into parents of children, a child called Nicolás and a child called Sofia.

Y en el mundo de las pasarelas, Gigi Hadid, the hermana minor of the clan Hadid, announced this August his advanced embarrassment together with his partner, the singer Zayn Malik, with which various years of intermittent relationship. Tan only one month, the 24th of September, dio a luz a una niña.

As a matter of fact, this year, too, he announced his embarrassment to his companions of Victoria’s Secret’s iconic parade, Elsa Hosk and the Dutchman Romee Stijrid, who also announces his embarrassment on Instagram, declaring that the lengths of diets and workouts he or she has been taking part in for the brand of lingerie will address the health issues that can not be allowed to be embarrassed anteriorly.

“Viajaba todo el tiempo, trabajaba todos los dias, me alimentaba de super super restrictive” explained in the publication that daba a conocer su embarazo, que ha llegado a la rectta hace tan solo una seman, con el nacimiento de Mint van Lions.

The little one is the fruit of his relationship with Laurens van Leeuwen, with which he has had more than a dozen years and with whom, in order to enjoy one more life related to the foci, he has been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

The world of music has also experienced a “baby boom”, protagonized by Katy Perry, who announced his embarrassment, frustration with his relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, the midwife marched through his musical video “Never Worn White”, in which the vocalist had to watch his trip.

Be sure to visit a trip through Instagram Fue Nicky Minaj, with three photographs of his trip that he shared the welcome comments by his 120 million followers, moved by the news of his first hijack, along with his wife Kenneth Petty.

Precisely on Instagram and, as the podium is in another form, he announced some of the most influential ‘influencers’ in the world like the Italian Chiara Ferragni, that he had a photo of his brother Leo showing an ultrasound of what would be her husband or husband.

Another year of embarrassment for the day Pernille Teisbaek, who showed off his baby on his Instagram account, for Spanish María Pombo, in the final installment of his first embarrassment.