“This is infertile death”, dice Agustín Intriago, Alta’s manta, who recovers from COVID-19 | Ecuador | Notice

“Hello to all. I am Agustín and thank you to Dios estoy vivo”, initiates a post on his accounts in social speeches Agustín Intriago, Alcalde de Manta, quien salió de la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos para pasientes COVID-19, del hospital Luis Vernaza of Guayaquil.

Intrigue aggregate that grace to God respite without help, can open the eyes and see and indicate that aggravate all the patterns of cariño.

“Rosita and my family have always told me, it is inevitable to feel that one of his ornaments is his work in me”, said the alkalde who accompanied him with a photo of his man Izquierda from where he swears.

It is worth noting that most people consider it important to have the same antidotes to follow in order to do so.

“This death is the death of the man, the one who does not live, he can not understand the meaning of the bending of his life, of this opportunity of life”, said the alcalde manabita.

Intrigue appreciation reiteradamente by the support and now hope volver a su casa to abrazar a los suyos.

One week ago, Manta’s Alcalde was transferred to Guayaquil and had a complication in his clinical quadrant that was derived from coma for various days, as was the mechanical ventilation requirement. (I)