This domino starts the holiday against the covid-19 in the European Union | Univision Health News

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief epidemiologist of the governing state, recorded that he believes that roads and encounters at Christmas festivities can be translated into algae in coronavirus contagios and, at the end, in a pandemic detox in semantic proxies .

“The reason why those who are preoccupied are because we are looking forward to all the festivities (…) are the ascendants of those who have been experimenting since the end of the year and the beginnings of the winter, are preoccupied”, said Fauci in a interview with CNN.

“We are at a critical point, in that if we have more precision on the system (of peace of the country) with which we can have a second of the festivities on the roads and the encounters” can worsen the situation. “According to the election of the President-elect, (Joe) Biden, of which, although we entered in the following weeks, the panorama can emperor”, acotó.