This coffee habit that you have not tried yet can prolong your life, says study

If you’re like most people, start your day as a coffee person or a tea person. But according to a study published in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, it can benefit your health – and possibly prolong your life – to become both. After analyzing the effects of using green tea and coffee in a large sample size of nearly 5,000 adults with diabetes, a team of researchers in Japan noted that the risks of premature death were least among study participants both every day four cups of tea and two cups of coffee. Read on for more information on this study, and make sure you are aware of the most dangerous way to drink your coffee, according to science.

The health benefits of drinking tea daily and in moderation are well known. Both drinks can help you regulate your weight, optimize your metabolism, be alert and increase your brain health. But this new study is one of the first to examine the health effects on diabetes of combining beverages in a single diet.

Over the course of five years, researchers in Japan provided questionnaires to nearly 5,000 study participants enrolled in the Fukuoka Diabetes Registry. The questions cover topics on diet and lifestyle, and examine in how much the study participants ate, smoked, slept and drank coffee and green tea daily. At the end of the study, 309 people died.

The study concluded that those who drank one cup of green tea each day had a 15% lower chance of dying early, those who drank two to three cups had a 27% lower chance and those who drank four drinking cups, a 40% lower chance of early death. In the case of coffee, drinking one cup per day was observed to have a 19% lower chance of death, and those who drank two cups of coffee per day were associated with a 41% lower chance of early death. In the end, the people most likely to die early were those who drank four cups of green tea. and every day two cups of coffee.

The researchers concluded: “We found that higher consumption of green tea and coffee was significantly associated with a reduced mortality rate from all causes in patients with type 2 diabetes.” They also noted that the findings include other lifestyle factors, including diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices. “This association remained significant after adjusting for potential confusion: the impact of each beverage on mortality was independent.” And for some of the health risks of drinking too much coffee, make sure you are aware of the dangerous side effects of drinking too much coffee, according to scientists.