These are basic rules for getting really healthy

With more than diez years of experience in the world of food, Michael Pollan has been converted into one of the most revealing and gastronomic sabotages of the moment. Thank you for your work ‘Saber comer’, is a periodical, writer and nutritionist has been marketed as an objective priority teach readers and lovers of life will differentiate the salutary committee of that which has been treated and prosecuted, tan perjudicial for the health and main cause of a large number of patients.

“Every year 17,000 new food products appear in supermarkets. The majority of them do not notice that they are called food ”. Con estas palabras, Pollan deja en evidencia la importance of knowledge, on top of everything in front of an excessive culinary offer and demasiado cautivadora. Asia, the book is divided into three parts: ¿Qué hay que comer ?, ¿qué type de comida hay que comer? and how are you doing? Además, distinguished between the committee of verdad -las frutas, las verduras, los hongos y los animales- y las sustancias eetbare which has a food supply. An inequality that is always easy to identify.

“What is imported is not a punctual day, it is the practice of diarrhea”, assures Pollan

Tomar una wine glass in the price, avoid the cereals that cambian the color of the leche, parar de comer antes de saciarse, dar priority to plants return the products with ingredients that a first-grader can not pronounce his some of Pollan’s tricks. What else can I recommend in your work to learn more?

Remove foods that are not powdered

The comedy natural and ‘authentic’According to the opinion of the expert, it is very clear that it is very useful and very reduced. On the contrary, the foods that do not complement this requisite have a replica composition of chemical agents que velan por esa immortal of what we will escape. Assimilation, the most basic and traditional products are also the most salutable and balanced. For example, “margarine is one of the first industrialized comrades that will ensure a salutary and terminally successful replacement for attacks on the people”, the author recalls. For this, always recreate the most basic options and with less than five ingredients.

If he says his saludables, no his son

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Huid también of these foods that buscan desperately need to clarify their salvation through the vase and etiquette. “To be able to affirm the need as supporting a label and a vase, and the whole vase will always be there. process equivalency. (…) In addition, only the major producers have the media to ensure that the sanitary authorities approve them as well… Affirmations that suelen are based on incomplete dates and in Deficient investigations”, Asegura Pollan.

By other lads, we should also avoid foods that contain any class of sugars between them primeros ingredients, then these are ordered by proportions.

Supermarket Zones

Pollan también aconseja mantenerse alejado de la part de del supermarket, pues la commida real se suele encontrar on the periphery of the same. What do you mean? As it is explained by this American activist, supermarkets are designed in such a way that the consumer lives caught by the most expensive and artificial products. Therefore, I highly recommend going to the local aledanas, even if the alternative is more salutary and sure enough to visit local markets only. “Processed foods dominate the central hallways of supermarkets, while the fresh and sturdy products (fruits, greens, carne, fish and lettuce) stand alongside the paredes”, says Pollan.

Always come in one month

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This can eliminate elimination of the secretaries, the coach or the sofa, as well as other parallel activities like watch television. If we do not exclusively dedicate ourselves to comer, we will need to pay attention to foods and tend to ingerir más cantidad. This phenomenon can be tried (and there is a good use of it): to move to a ninth floor of a television and to move a plate of fresh flowers in front of it. The child has to worry about everything he has in the money, including the things he does not have to worry about, without having to worry about what is happening. That which suggests an exception to the rule ”, stel proposes Pollan in his work blot.

Do not make a case of television

The majority of products advertised on television are rated by a marketing or marketing strategy that transforms its currents and inconveniences into virtues. It is very special to have a publicity spot about the fruits and vegetables that are harvested during the summer and when they are sold in the markets of oysters. And it is only the las large food companies has the economic solvency to announce on television.

A todo color

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As we have seen in one occasion, the colors of many foods reflect the components antioxidant phytochemicals which includes, as is the case with polyphenols or carotenoids. These suelen are great help to prevent and protect our body from them chronic illness, from here the importance of preparing a committee where the color abunde sobremanera. Following with the adequate tonality of the foods, even more blanched sea el pan, more prejudicial will be for the salud, then the harina refined fiber carcass, saludas grasses and vitamin B.

Saltarse las reglas también está bien

“What is imported is not a punctual day, it is the practice of diary: interior sofas what determines how and how we will do it ”, Pollan explains in his work. For this reason, it is not necessary that we convert to slaves of a diet sana y equilibrada, los caprichos eventuales también sirven para mantener la motivation.

A method to get rid of what we place without the help of the raya is cook our same the recipe deseada. “Like sweets, fries, buns or including take a refreshing vesicle when you need to be sick”, although “if cooked at home all the fried potatoes that we consume, even if we eat less, only run through the work that we eat”, concludes the author.