In a new report on the Chinese social media network Weibo, Lei Jun’s CEO of Xiaomi revealed the packaging of the new device, stating that it is particularly light and thin. While it may seem particularly strange to a CEO to place over a box of a new phone rather than the device itself, there is actually an underlying explanation for it: The main reason why the packaging is thin and light is because it is out the usual form has been stripped. charger that usually comes with the handset.

Just like Apple and Samsung’s flagships, Xiaomi’s next phone will ship without a wall charger. In his report, Lei Junie mentions that people have unused chargers at home, which he calls harmful to the environment, and uses this as the main argument to explain why the company went away with the charger.

That said, Ice Universe the company is expected to treat customers differently than Apple, possibly signaling a potential proof or discount for customers who still need a brick loader. It may make sense if the company publicly mocked its competitors to release the charger in October.

We will hopefully know more about the device and the charger options tomorrow during the company conference.