The world of free light by the failure of WWE star Luke Harper, also known as Brodie Lee

The reader, who was real name Jonathan Huber, passed away on December 26th during a battle with a pulmonary problem related to the coronavirus.

Colleagues and friends of WWE’s ex-girlfriend Jonathan Huber, known professionally as Luke Harper or Brodie Lee, paid tribute to him in the fall of 41 years ago on December 26 in Jacksonville (Florida) during a one-year battle with problem pulmonar not related to coronavirus.

“I’m my best friend. My husband, my companion, my Terry Gordy. We’ve all done this game because we’ve done something we did not do our part”, posted on Instagram account the reader Bray Wyatt (also known as The Fiend), who formed part of the Wyatt Family group with Huber, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman in the WWE. “There is no such thing as fur, as we know that we, lords, calves and useless, occupy the bridges of the Wyatt Family in the gymnasiums of secondary schools when we are 70”, aggregate.

For his part, Erick Rowan wrote that Huber taught his actions to “be a better father and son”. “It’s unique in everything it does: great artist, great father, great friend, great friend and all that rode to the human beings”, underlined.

“Since the first day, when I saw nothing in the business, I was very much in love with him, his constructive criticism was like nobody’s. There were no problems with decimating when it happened, but he also had one of the first decimals when deciding something good” , by Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman).

“Antes de irse a la siguiente ciudad o conducir a casa, Brodie casi siempre terminà la conversacion un un” adiós para siempre “en broma. “, dijo for its part Big E, the WWE intercontinental champion.

“I’m totally in shock. […] No puedo creerlo “, public a su vez la luchadora de la WWE Alexa Bliss.

Mientras, the elite Cuban-stadium reader of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Sammy Guevara shared a photo with Brodie Lee. “There was a lot going on during the ‘shows’ of Atlanta when we were filming one of the shows in two days. It’s very fun to be near Brodie’s,” he said.

The Canadian Kevin Owens published another image of one of his bekamp celebrations during a 2016 WWE Smackdown and declared: “I was excited to be an honorary member of the Wyatt family for the night and to team up with these chicos “.

Among other readers who have shown during Huber’s death are also the latest news from AEW Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes.

Asimismo, the president of the WWE, Vince McMahon, also expressed his condolences. “The whole family of the WWE is deeply saddened by the failure of Jon Huber, known in the WWE universe as Luke Harper. Our thoughts are with the family, friends and fans of Jon”, afirmó on his Twitter account.

Huber also paid tribute to his antigua company with a recap of his best moments in the ring.