The Vice President of Brazil of the positive to covid-19

Brazil’s Vice President Hamilton Mourao, 67 years old, has been contacted by the new coronavirus, informing this domineering member that he did not elaborate on his health status.

“On Sunday, Sunday 27 December, confirmed the positive examination for covid-19 of the Vice President of the Republic, Hamilton Mourao, which will be held in Islam at the official residence of Jaburu “, indicates the despatch in a communiqué.

The Vice-Presidency does not support the state of health of Mourao, which by his oath has been part of the risk group ahead of an illness that has been going on in Brazil.

The Latin American giant suffers a crackdown on cases and deaths from coronavirus since November. This domain has registered 191,139 bankruptcies – a figure surpassed solely by the United States – and more than 7.4 million were contaminated.

The Vice-President, charged with reinstating the President in case of death or reunion, was summed up in the obsolete list of Brazilian women who became infected during the last months. All have been recovered through their lifespan.

President Jair Bolsonaro, a skeptic of the very critical virus with social distance media due to its economic impact, was also infected at the beginning of July, as was the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro. At the moment the meeting of the ministers has been contaminated.

Mourao is a general retreat that cultivates a more moderate image than the ultra-directive Bolsonaro, which minimizes the pandemic, to what she called “gripecita”, y question vacancies for their possible secondary effects.

This will be the second time that Mourao has been acquitted by covid-19. In May, he and his wife discovered that they had been detained at the Jaburu Palace, the official residence of the Vice-President of Brazil, to contact with an official who was positive.

The Vice President resumes his duties despite his negative salary test.