The title of the EEUU Senate blocks the vote for the $ 2,000 direct debit check.

Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Reuters)
Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Reuters)

The leader of the United States Senate of the United States, Republican Mitch McConnell, assisted this Wednesday which will most likely be a definite blow to the proposal to increase aid against coronavirus in stadiums, negotiate ‘n program a quick vote in the Senate on a project of them to increase the aid checks from 600 to 2,000 dollars.

McConnell told the Senate that a bill approved by the House of Representatives was approved by Democrats, which seeks to meet the demands of his Republican colleague Trump for one of the most recent checks, el Senado ”.

The maximum lead of the official legislators, who control the agenda of the Senate and oppose the increase of the aid, presented in exchange another project of ley that combines the checks of 2,000 dollars with unacceptable dispositions for the Democrats, which could block. La llamada “venous pillar”It provides for the modification of section 230 ″, which protects the digital platforms in front of the content that is based on them, and provides information on the irregularities of the elections, accusations that have been heard since.

With a new Congress that tomará position the domingo, this action is taken with all certainty with the intention of increasing the amount by approximately 600 dollars which the Congress has approved.

The Democratic leaders did not vote to vote on the approved bill in the House of Representatives (Reuters)
The Democratic leaders did not vote to vote on the approved bill in the House of Representatives (Reuters)

On the part of a statement on Trump’s initiative, McConnell continues: “The Senate was not intimidated by the fact that it was apprehended to have made more money for the rich friends of the Democrats who did not need the help.” The project puts a limit on the amount of money to be paid between those who spend less than USD 75 million a year.

The Democrats insisted that the checks would be sent to those who desperately needed a sanitation crisis that had killed at least 340,000 people in the United States, while McConnell said there were no criteria for necessity. “What we have at the moment is the intention of Leader McConnell to cancel the checks: the $ 2,000 checks that many families in the United States need with desperation,” said Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democratic minority.

“We hope the people vote. Mitch McConnell has the capacity to do so. (…) There is simply no such thing as hacerlo y elad pueblo estadounidense va a salir lastimado“Dijo the Democratic senator Gary Peters on the CNN television channel.

Joe Biden has earlier in Georgia in the proximity días to the right final of the campaign by the scouts in el Senado (Reuters)
Joe Biden has earlier in Georgia in the proximity días to the right final of the campaign by the scouts in el Senado (Reuters)

The discussion takes place at least one week after the key vote in Georgia, by two senators in the Senate and that will define who controls the Camera Alta in 2021: currently, Republicans counting on 50 assistants, most notably the opposition, but in a case of empathy favored by the Democrats because the defining vote series of the future Vice President, Kamala Harris .

In his time, the senator Bernie Sanders has an intention to lighten the seno vote, in a maneuver that is not only obligatory to extend the sessions, it is clear that the Republican candidates in Georgia that the election will take place in Washington and there is no way to make a present campaign until the day of the vote.

Although McConnell’s project was presented, Republican candidates could say they were in favor of the increase in aid, while Democrats argued that it was a blockade that the Senate had a majority controlled by the Conservatives.

Trump has raised the pressure on his Republican colleagues to pass an increase in checks to stadiums in a series of publications in recent days. “2,000 DOLLARS LO ANTES POSSIBLE!” writing Trump on Twitter the mercenaries for the mañana.

El Martes, the president saliente attacked the caliphate Republican leaders of “pathetic” and accused of suicide does not support the increase in aid or the elimination of legal protections for social media companies.

It was a last resort, along with the cancellation of Trump’s veto on a defense initiative, which would mark the last days of the presidential election and deepen the divisions within the Republican Party between the new and the populists in terms of office and base. with points of view conservators about the public guest.

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