The students of Medicine (CEEM), ‘n guns de la eutanasia

– – 18 Tue, 2020 – 15:37

Following the approval of the Congress of the Proposal of the Ley Organica on euthanasia, the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) positioning at the end of the month, approved by the last general assembly celebrated in Valladolid in October 2019. From the CEEM solicitaban that the medical student should receive more training on the topics that rodean the final of the life and apostaba and defend the depenalization of euthanasia. This student body considers that individuals have the right to use their capacity to make decisions in accordance with their biographical project. Moreover, considering that, in the case of approving a regulatory mark, it should be taken into account that soliciting situations is a practice with the end of guaranteeing all patient rights and legally amassing sanitary personnel. Now, the President of CEEM, Ángel Benegas Ortego, considers that the Proposition of Ley Orgánica has been approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Angel Benegas, President of CEEM