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Both Democrat senators intend to inform the Senate that they will pass the increment using the different procedures of the representatives, which will log the approval with the vote of the thirds of the chamber.

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said that the Senate would immediately adopt and unanimously approve the legislation by the Chamber of Deputies to increase the direct payments to $ 2,000.

This initiative is looking to increase the payouts by $ 600, estimated in the $ 900,000 million package that President Donald Trump authorized the passing (three different days of negligence arguing that ayuda debits checks are major, even if they are governor has been in negotiations with the legislators in the agreement).

Any senator can object to a unanimous decision. And in this case, the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, objected without deciding why.

Actually, Senator Bernie Sanders proposed that the Senate address the issue of new antecedents to vote on Wednesday in the annulment of the presidential veto on the military presidency, while approving the representatives in its Monday session.

McConnell, who minutes ago expressed his intention to vote the mercury the annulment of the veto that Trump gave to the $ 740,000 million military presumption, objected to Sanders’ proposal.

They have the requisites to receive the nearest economic estimate check (and can do more)

What is now?

You can buy anything.

The Democrats will continue to insist that the vote take place before the Sabbath, when the Congress concludes the bianual legislative exercise in the course.

Although McConnell opuso considered the topic of checks, he could always change his mind that he did it on Saturday.

The Republican Leader has been calling for a roll-call vote to overthrow Sanders’ objection in English. dress– to hold the vote on the presidential veto.

McConnell said as a matter of urgency that the Senate would meet the required terms for the abolition of the presidential veto, so that the only thing that can be concretized will be the term of office of Trump.

Why is McConnell opposed?

The Republican Bank is in a position where it will not be able to disclose its internal division.

Well, the conservatives usually oppose the increase in public spending, a sector of the Republican Party has committed to Trump’s preferences.

This amount will be reduced to $ 165,700 million required by December to include $ 600 in each stadium and allow both parties to agree on a total cost of the estimated package to be $ 900,000 million.

In this case there is a very unusual alliance: Trump and the Democrats coincide in increasing the checks to $ 2,000, while the Republican leader in the Senate opposes.

Can McConnell change his mind about checks?

It is unlikely that McConnell will plenary vote against the 12 votes cast in favor of the 60 votes required.

Until now, several Republican senators have voted in favor of the increment, including David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, the two Georgia officials who are pushing for the re-election on January 5 in a reunion of the second party that defines the Senate party. domingo.

Other Republicans who voted in favor of the increment include Josh Harley, Marco Rubio, Deb Fischer and Lindsey Graham.

What exactly is McConnell?

During the March session, the Republican Leader reviewed the three topics that Trump mentioned when he re-authorized the $ 900,000 million package last week: the increase in direct payments, an investigation into electoral irregularities and irregularities que gozan las redes sociales.

“During this process, the President submits three additional national significance topics that he will discuss with the Senate, including”, “McConnell said. “These are three important issues that the president has mentioned. This week the Senate will launch a process to give priority to these three priorities.”

McConnell did not specify how he would approach the three themes in a simultaneous manner, but the combination of those assumptions in a single piece of legislation to ensure the remaining support.

In addition, Democrats have been calling for an increase in the amount of the check, no response from the Senate to Trump’s infamous denunciations of electoral fraud at the cost of his election.