The salute of Michael Schumacher, siete auxos after the accident in France – Automovilism – Sports

The Formula 1 signing pays tribute to Michael Schumacher, former world champion, withdrew from the public hearing of the accident that surfaced this March had years ago and that for Ferrari followed the idol of eternity.

“Michael is always in my thoughts. But he has an absolute respect for the decision of his family”, affirma el exjefe de la escudería italiana, Luca di Montezemolo, en la edición de este martes del popular diario ‘Bild’.

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Alude con ello a la stricta norma la discrusion impuesta por los Schumacher
in turn to the situation of the expiler in his chalet Gland (Switzerland).

Apparently they received visits, including those who occasionally wanted the FIA’s wife and Ferrari’s sports director, Jean Todt, who has been referring to these encounters, without giving details about his state.

Montezemolo has run Ferrari since 1991 and 2014, the period when the Italian team scored over 19 world titles -before the receipts by his pilots Niki Lauda, ​​Kimi Räikkönen or Schumacher, or as constructor-.

“The times with Michael the special driver”, affirma, to add that suele rezar por él, pese a que no ha ha visited since the accident in Méribel, in the Alps franceses. The Schumacher family closely maintains the norm of discretion. The last week of the week, the same rotating, the most leading of Germany, included an interview with the hero of the expiler, Mick, who is preparing to train in Formula 1.

“I like it, I do not like the question or the comparisons”, explained Mick, 21 years old, with respect to the inevitable question about Michael.

“My father is the greatest for me. Why should I distance myself from him?”, Added the idol of the idol, who will make his debut with the Haas stadium team at the Melbourne Grand Prix on March 21st. Michael Schumacher is looking for the “Kaiser”, the emperor, of Formula 1.

On the plus side of the world titles – in 1994 and 1995 with Bennetton and the five cars that won the Ferrari, from 2000 to 2004 – was bought by the British Lewis Hamilton this time.

But in German it is the sigu identifying with the title of emperor, tal vez by idiomatic affinity. They are from the accident of December 29, 2013 in this universal station of the French Alps. By then, there were several years of withdrawal from the competition.

The pilot who had so many accidents was supervised on the circuits leading to the brink of death on a ski slope, his other sporting passion. His admission to a Grenoble clinic, with craneoencephalic polytraumatism, involved a mediating circle that tested the medical center’s patients’ ability and ability to manage an orphaned family emotionally.

His wife, Corinna, as the pilot’s ex-manager, Sabine Kehm, was accused by the media of entering the center’s ward. Hubo frustrated intentions of robots of accidental images and other examples of periodic veracity. Michael despaired of the coma induced by habeas ingress in the six months of the accident.

The Grenoble Clinic is moving to a rehabilitation center in Lausana (Switzerland) and, from here, to the Gland chalet, conditionally charged for his attention, between medical, auxiliary and physiotherapist teams. See you later, Corinna, who married Michael in 1995 and is the mother of his two daughters -Gina Maria and Mick-, representing himself in beneficial acts and other events.

The last of them, the gala of the FIA, in December, when Hamilton’s pilot of the year was proclaimed, while Michael’s wife received an honorary award, another, in the name of his martyr. Kehm himself administers relations with the media and the official accounts of the “emperor” in the social networks; Corinna acude sonriente y serena ahí donde se la reclama.

There is no other, joint or separate, revealing more than just convenient juzgan. Michael’s health status is private. Mick’s recent debut has placed some attention to the theoretical successor in the circuit, by direct line, of Michael. The idol of the idol will impress with his own style. His best assessor is, as explained in “Bild”, his mother. Alguien que lleva ya un largo trayecto en lo de no caer nunca en la descortesía ya la vez preservarse de indiscreciones.