The romantic message from Shakira to Piqu; derraman meal: PHOTO

Debido a su larga y laureada trayectoria el zaguero sentrale del Ftbol Club Barcelona, Gerard Piqu, was reconciled as during the gala of the Globe Soccer Awards which is celebrated in Dubai.

The defense that completes 34 on February 2 and now has recovered from a rodilla, has revealed at the Hotel Armani de Dubai donde se realizi ceremonia que le gustara seguir jugando durante tres o cuatro aos ms.

It is an honor for me to be able to have a long career and hope to be able to play three or four years with MS “, said to retell the galley with what could be reconciled with his professional career.

Adems del espaol durante esta gala tambin fueron premiados Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Iker Casillas, Robert Lewandowski among other talented footballers.

Shakira congratulations on her love

Luego de obtener el galardn, la pareja del futbolista, la famosa cantante colombiana Shakira, publishes an emotional message by means of its social speeches in the cual express the organ and love that is by the Spanish footballerthe one who congratulates and reconciles the effort as dedicating that one in his professional career as in his life.

Congratulations on the Player Career Award (@Globe_Soccer) that you receive thanks to the constant effort in your career and in your life. I’m very sorry for you! Red heart, write the song.

With a show of interest like this, the rumors about a separate separation from the famous couple he quenched atrs and he wanted to illusion with his love.