The redesigned LG Stylo 7 5G leaks out in sharp new versions

LG may not be the world’s most successful mid-range smartphone seller, but as one of the few budget-friendly devices out there with a built-in pen, the Stylo 6 has definitely made a fair share of the news this year.

The productive Twitter leak is here today to unveil (or rather confirm) the all-new design of the upcoming Stylo 7 that has already featured another source in a number CAD-based schemes more than a month ago. This second set of versions is much more polished, which is the main visual distinction between the unannounced style-swinging midfielder and the existing LG Style 6.
The LG Stylo 7 5G will apparently replace the somewhat outdated notch of the predecessor’s water drop style with a decisive, more centered hole punch, although the relatively thick chin on the Stylo 6 4G LTE is likely to remain largely unchanged. As such, no drastic revisions of the overall dimension are to be expected, especially with the Stylo 7 which will retain the 6.8-inch screen size of the Stylo 6.

At the back, the three mysterious cameras are arranged vertically along the upper left corner of the phone instead of horizontally in the upper middle section, while the fingerprint sensor is moved to the right instead of being embedded in the screen for cost-saving purposes.

Interestingly enough, this time there is no sign of the unconventional pin attachment pictured on the back of the handset last month, so it looks like you should decide with a classic stylus holder at the bottom anyway. Many of the other key specs and features remain under scrutiny for the time being, but we do know that the good old-fashioned headphone jack is here to stay.

It also seems safe to assume that the 5G-enabled LG Stylo 7 will be significantly more powerful and expensive than its predecessor of only $ 300 4G LTE, although it is certainly too early to try a firmer prediction than that.