The prominent doctor of the Infectious Disease of El Paso tests positive for Covid-19


EL PASO, Texas – One of Borderland’s leading infectious disease experts has contracted Covid-19.

Dr Ogechika Alozie, co-chair of the City of El Paso Covid task force and a member of the Texas governor’s preparatory team for preparatory infectious diseases, told ABC-7 Monday night that he and another family member tested positive for coronavirus.

Alozie said he was not aware of how he contracted the virus, and that he had closely monitored the infections from infectious diseases, but somehow still contracted the virus.

The contagious disease expert said he only got a little headache, but that he kept a few days away from fellow health workers and family. He reiterated the importance of working with the city health department’s contact tracking team.

The irony is that after the positive test result, less than 48 had to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. In abundance warning, he decided to postpone his vaccination until early January.

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