The owner of a Tesla came like his Model S stalled unexpectedly “like a launch vehicle” in the middle of a window (VIDEO)

The incident has raised vicious concerns about the safety of Elon Musk’s electric car model company.

The owner of a 2015 Tesla Model S account in an interview published by The Washington Post this month about an incident that killed his vehicle during the explosion of the battery.

Usmaan Ahmad finds himself circulating a car near Dallas (Texas, EE.UU.), as he scans various golf courses and gets rid of his Tesla hood. Logró detains the vehicle at the expense of life and abandons it before extending the fugue, focusing on the lower part of the road delantera. “Disappeared like a lanzallamas”, compare.

When reading the bombs, we will experiment with difficulties in opening the vehicle. The Model S uses retractable firearms that are electronically controlled and are opened when the detector detects it. One of Ahmad’s rescuers told Ahmad that he’s sure he had been sold, and that he had been stabbed in the interior of the car. Cabe reports that this problem has provoked mortal tragedies.

“Suppose the battery exploded and provoked the fire, but I would like to ask Tesla to investigate this”, the owner wrote the letter on November 25 to a representative of the business service center, who promised to study the problem. Ahmad wants to clarify the causes of the fire in order to avoid other people suffering from the same problem and affirm that they have the same model and including their fathers, who agreed to purchase a Tesla Model X. “I do not want anyone to try anything else without a charger”, account.

The National Traffic Safety Administration Administration at EE.UU. (NHTSA, by its seal in English) is analyzing the incident and has been in contact with Tesla about the matter. Last year, the entity opened an investigation into battery defects that could provoke Tesla car fires after producing several semantic episodes.

For example, electric cars of the brand are on fire in a charging station, in an parking space and including the windows on the same day. Without embarrassment, Elon Musk, the company’s founder and CEO, urges op 2019 that “Tesla has a 500% lower probability of extinguishing the combustion engine”.