The overwhelming DMR 14 is Ruining Warzone, Claim Players

Black Ops Cold War recently merged with Warzone, bringing a multitude of new weapons to the Battle Royale. Unfortunately, this led to an overwhelming DMR 14 that devastated Warzone for many players.

Whether you’re a Cold War fan or not, there is no denying that it’s fun to see new weapons in Warzone. What is not so nice, though, is that there seems to be one gun in particular that breaks the game.

Over the Christmas holidays, players encountered one gun at a time. We thought this would happen because we mention the DMR as the best weapon of Warzone.

war zone DMR 14 is overwhelmed
(Source: Activision)

The overwhelming Tactical Rifle is something to behold, but the DMR ruins Warzone for many fans. With one or two bullets enough to repel enemies at a tremendous distance, it’s clear that something needs to change.

Warzone’s DMR Needs a Nerf

Over the last few days, the Warzone subreddit has exploded with tracks from the overwhelming DMR 14 in action. And from what we can see, a grain is essential.

Some players speculate that Activision is forcing players to acquire the Cold War, to unlock attachments quickly. The same critics also do not believe that the game will be fixed soon.

DMR Cold War War Zone Broken
(Source: Activision)

In a new Reddit message titled “DMR makes this game unplayable”, one user shares their feelings:

I do not care that people use the Mac 10, yes, it is powerful, but you can still counteract. The DMR is a two-shot and the entire lobby now uses it. This game is in an unplayable state with this gun, and we all know that activation will make it worse within 2-3 months once everyone finishes buying the Cold War and buying their weapon skins.

The Reddit user ends their message with, “This is the worst meta-gun ever in this game.”

And we do not have to look long to see why they feel that way.

Clips of Warzone’s broken DMR in action

Just as they try to prove that the DMR 14 is broken, one user shows off their Warzone skills in an insane new cut. On two separate occasions, this player can fall from the sky and snatch an enemy with the DMR with ease.

Thanks to a lack of setbacks and insane stopping power, the DMR is a hacker’s best friend. This deceiver can remove an entire vestibule, thanks to the Cold War weapon.

After hearing stories about how good the DMR 14 is, one user thought they would test the weapon for themselves. After a single shot is enough to eliminate a passing enemy, they understand the true potential of the gun.

One user has found a new solution for dealing with the influx of DMR users. Despite being killed almost immediately by the gun, this Warzone fan takes extreme measures to counter enemy players.

Want to build your own overwhelming Warzone setup? Here is our guide to the best DMR 14 uploads for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

You should also check out the best new guns for Warzone Rebirth Island. As the Cold War brought some heavy hits to the party, even the DMR is struggling to fight the Mac-10 at close range.

The best Mac-10 loading in Warzone can shred players in seconds. But with these new guns looming in the battle royally, it’s starting to feel a little broken.

Hopefully, the two secret new Modern Warfare weapons are about to shake up the meta again. But it’s clear that Raven Software should at least take down the DMR 14.