The Mandalorian Deepfake shows Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker

A new, profound video for the final finale of The Mandalorian’s season 2 suggests that it would have been better if Lucas film had portrayed Sebastian Stan as young Luke Skywalker.

A new The Mandalorian season 2 deep-faced video suggests that Sebastian Stan would have been better off as a young Luke Skywalker than digitally inserting a young Mark Hamill. The conclusion of a year full of cameo from the Star Wars universe, the Disney + series brought the legendary Jedi to the surprise of many at the end of the final title “The Rescue”.

Following Moff Gideon’s kidnapping of Baby Yoda in ‘The Tragedy’, Mando assembled his own allies to rescue Grogu from the villain. They were successful with the mission, but the reunion between the father figure and adopted son did not last long, as Luke arrived just in time to pick up Baby Yoda. The poisoning of the Child’s Force in Tython reaches the Jedi master who at that time was already rebuilding the Order after the defeat of the Empire. Since The Mandalorian is drawn up five years later Return of the Jedi, the show had to feature a young Luke to fit his timeline.

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Lucasfilm decided not to recreate the role, bringing in Mark Hamill and using the aging technology they used before. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and more recently, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. However, there is an argument to be made The Mandalorian just had to recreate the role given the rough CGI on the character. A new, deep, fake video from Warrior HD supports this idea and gives people an idea of ​​what it would have been like if Stan had played the young Luke.

There are obvious limitations to what the aging technology can do, although it is noteworthy that it has been used in other ways in other projects before. The difference with The Mandalorian However, this makes it such a big topic that Luke was so involved in the scene that all the imperfections were highlighted. Despite the initial setback, Rogue OneThe young Princess Leia moment was so short that there really was not much movement on her face. As for The rise of Skywalker, the order is set in the dark, which hides the same errors. Of course, it’s understandable that Lucasfilm only wants to bring Hamill back as Luke, as it offers a more meaningful cameo. It’s also worth noting that their experience with the re-composition of Han Solo may have discouraged them from tackling the move again, but Stan’s fan favorite might yield a different result.

Apart from the problems with the CGI, there is also the general criticism of imitating Luke The Mandalorian. As exciting as seeing this version of the character again following his much older appearance in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, it has been removed from Din and Baby Yoda’s separation. After the episode, more of the discussion focused on his cameo than what the final point actually means for the course of the show.

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