The love story of Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares empezó in a cafe, ¿llegó a su fin?

Headline of the month of September last month: Zac Efron has a new novel, Vanessa Valladares. Siete meses after the termination of the relationship, following the press releases in Europe.

A close search of Zac Efron confirmed rumors of the couple’s rupture. The Australian communicator Kyle Sandilands supported the conversation with the Hollywood star and confirmed the separation.

“Puedo confirmarlo después de hablar con él ayer”, Sandilands’ statement on the Daily Telegraph’s leaked information, and it was abundant that no immediate decision had been made “but it was recent”.

It also indicates that the separation will take place in good terms, with no gap between the 25-year-olds and the 33-year-old celebrity.

‘No hubodrama, pero sí fue el finale. Pasaron has a lot of time together when he is not working. Almorzaban and vivían in the mansiones on the beach, were a fabulous life. “If the work is dirty and it is directly devoid of reality, then it is a pen,” the tenant commented.

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In September 2020, the Daily Mail periodical published about the actor’s loves and the model he was dating from June.

It’s known as ‘el Traonjaba’ at El Byron Bay General Store & Cafe.

Thanks to an actor’s journey whose lives are crucified. Joven vivía in Australia y, segun trascendií, trabajaba en un bar durante los veranos.

One day, who entered the gate was nothing more than the protagonist of “High School Musical”.

After having a coffee and meeting the model’s sonrisi, we’ve had a romance of hada that supieron mantener of the flashes.

They were not pronounced on the separation comments.