The last will be on sale: a list of 13 attempts, an aspiring entrant to the career of Medicine

Daniel Giraldo, a student who intended to enter Medicine 13 weeks ago, will be living in the diocese in the last days of 2020. Crédito El Colombiano
Daniel Giraldo, a student who intended to enter Medicine 13 weeks ago, will be living in the diocese in the last days of 2020. Crédito El Colombiano

Daniel Giraldo is one of those cases of resilience and, as it is defined, the previous ante: I want to make intentions to join Medicine at the University of Antioquia. Last night, on the night of December 29, he drove to where he always was.

The story, narrated by the same as El Colombiano, diary of Medellin, has elements of courage, persistence and value, which serve to record that nothing in life is easy to obtain, and that opportunities are present in calves.

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If a turkey is considered different, then its entourage insists on renouncing it so that, at the moment, it becomes more of an obsession: “One day I would like to know that the universe, in turn, finally gave me what I wanted. And asi fue: lo logré has over 13 intentos ”, afirmó el futuro estudiante a El Colombiano.

A passion from childhood

Daniel’s account that he deserves to study medicine very early. At the age of three years, his mother walled, which produced in him a definite impact. Dice que, pese a los caudados y el acompañamiento que le brindo su padre, siempre penso que si hubiera intervenido a tiempo un Médico, tal vez su madre seguiría con vida: “The pudo has saved a doctor. Solo thinking about it is why I study Medicine. I want to save lives and give patients a more humane treatment ”.

Pese a su deseo, las circunstancias no fueron fakenes para él: egresado de un colegio bogotano en 2012, prepara la prisseba cueyo puntaje de entrada es de 78. Llegó a 70. Daniel asegura que se prepare a conscience. Sondeverbod, the result was adversity.

In a giro of accounts, the protagonist of this story confirms that medicine, his passion for childhood was his. But to read it, you need to do some years and a change in the professional election.

The value of persistence

As thousands of young people, Daniel dedicates himself to a well-known negotiator, an optical distributor, to study to become a nurse. In one of its courses, you can first access a chirophone. What he confirms is that the podium will be on his own in an easy way.

This patient was treated with a bowel cancer patient and, at the same time, the training sessions took place before Daniel was fascinated by the miracle: “It simply came to our notice then. It affected my surgery and the functioning of the human body ”, account to El Colombiano.

However, a confirmation was not given in the hopeful result of enrolling in the Antioch to study Medicine. From 2015 to 2018, the results of the fair, new, adversos. Includes postal for the National, without raising the court to enter.

Unexpected situations, such as not being able to cope with general culture preparation or failure to keep the necessary activity going, led to Daniel’s downpour, which, despite its turmoil, made him feel like he had crystallized.

Until 2018, after another transfer, the student will be admitted to the University of Antioquia.

But do not study Medicine.

Convenience of the probability of a transfer, Daniel entered Mathematics, as the second option. Although it has a good design in the numbers, for 2019 you will get bad results, precisely in the discipline that will dominate.

“I feel brutish, I do not know anything”, relation.

For 2020, the situation will not change, without embarrassment, with the ultimate intention of presenting the test.

In the night of December 29, 2020, Daniel, who was diagnosed with covid-19 only 24 hours ago, was informed by a friend of the results of the UdeA administration results available on the web.

What he saw in the pantry confirmed that his wish was reality: “Great as no one is happy, salty. I’m thinking that I’m staying by covid, but I’m happy! ”Daniel related to El Colombiano.

Fueron 13 intentos, y esta vez la UdeA con su surera de Medicina lo esperaba: era un consuelo para alguien que había persistido en los ultimos 8 aosos par lograr una meta.

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