The hospitalizations recorded by covid-19 in EE.UU. pronto podrían obligate the experts in health to decide which patients can salvarse and cuals no

(CNN) – The number of hospitalized patients at EE UU. with covid-19 is the most high that ever existed and, at this rate, the experts in health advised that it is possible that the rationing nurses, respirators and attention.

“When it comes to the capacity, physicians and biotechnology specialists of these hospitals must decide which patients can be salvaged (potentially recoverable) and what no,” explains CNN’s analytical analysis, and dr. Jonathan Reiner.

EE.UU. informed that 121,235 patients were hospitalized with coronavirus on Monday, the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Covid Tracking Project. Coronavirus patients at the UCI increased from 16% in September to 40% in the past week, and experts in health care anticipated that travel routes could mean an “increase in this increase”.

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It was increased in the colocary cases at the Community Hospital Martin Luther King Jr. in Los Angeles in the position of need to rationalize the attention, dijo el lunes the executive director, the Dra. Elaine Batchlor.

“If we are going to increase the number of patients with covid, it is possible that our women are obliged to do something that, as health professionals, all of us actually have to know to think,” said Batchlor in CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

At Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California, nurses generally attending to one of the patients now attending three or three days ago, CNN told them about the Dra. Kimberly Shriner, Specialist in Infectious Diseases.

“We have a limited number of fans, we have a limited number of UCI beds”, explained Shriner, adding that a team that includes a bioethicist, a community member, a doctor, a nurse and an administrative leader will decide who to divide. recursos si llega a eso.

“If there are no respirators, no nurses to care for patients, no UCI beds, we tend to have terrible discussions with families, so the people need to stay at home and when they need to wear a mascara, Reiner.”

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Trial techniques of the battle camp

Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital will not return to the patients, says Batchlor, but it is possible that the staff had to employ techniques that were used in the war.

“We use what in the battle camp are three techniques, which consist in carrying out an evaluation of the needs and prognosis of each person and using the resources available to the patients who have the highest probability of benefiting from them”, he said.

The resources are used in conventional forms to adapt to the increase.

“Our staff is incredibly capable and flexible to accommodate any number of mayors, for whom, as a matter of fact, we have five tenths of a hospital campaign,” said Batchlor. “We have patients in our conference room, in our chapter”.

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Lots of chameleons live on the shelf, dijo.

If well Batchlor does not specify how many new patients have covid-19, the increase in its number is giving the same amount of attention.

The Director of Health Services of the United States, Christina Ghaly, says that some hospitals are waiting for patients who are in ambulances.

“These patients are being waited on and treated in the ambulance as part of the emergency room,” said Ghaly.

United States need to increase vacancies, say an expert

Hasta ahora, se han administrado alrededor de 2.1 millones de dos de vacunas en EE.UU. and has distributed more than 11.4 million doses up to the moon, according to the Centers for Control and Prevention of EE.UU.

Otros 4.7 million will be distributed before the end of the week, said Admiral Brett Giroir, Deputy Secretary of Health of the Department of Health and Human Services of EE.UU. This will increase the total to more than 15.5 million doses “in the hands of the states”.

With the dosages read in the state leaflets, New Jersey hopes to evacuate some 31,000 homeless residents to a large space by the end of the week, said Governor Phil Murphy at a lunar press conference.

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“With every day that passes, our vacation program has a great deal and a lot more power,” Murphy said to the periodicals. “With the New Year, we will open the opening of our six vacancy and additional expansion of our vacancies, and the continuous movement of workers in each priority group.”

A pesar de estos advances, el Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University, said Monday that the United States is taking the lead from countries like Israel and Canada in the pace of evacuation efforts.

“Really we have to increase it”, he said. “Things are in crisis”.

Manufacturers such as Pfizer have tens of thousands of doses in the hope of being assigned, then, and attribute this problem in part because the federal government has not complied with its administration once the doses are transferred to the states.

“I have a lot of work to do to lift the vacancy of the state to the brass of the people, and we need a set of plans that are clearer than the ones we respect,” CNN’s Jim Acosta said.