The first infected in EEUU with the British variant of covid-19 has no travel history | Univision Health News

If a young man from one of the two cities, currently living in Elbert’s county, 50 miles to the east of Denver, and Colorado, informs the governor of this state, Jared Polis, and a Twitter post.

“The individual does not have any contact details identified until now, but public health officials are working to identify other cases and potential contacts through exhaustive contact interviews,” Polis said.

Can not be the only case

A federal scientist familiar with the investigation cited by the diary The Washington Post asevero that the failure of coniferous roads of the male, in contrast to the Mayor of the confirmed cases of infections of the United Kingdom, indicates that it is unlikely to be a case.

“We hope that it is detected in another place”, says the official, who agreed with the condition of anonymity to discuss the larger context of the advertisement.

Elizabeth Carlton, assistant professor of ambient and occupational health at the School of Public Health in Colorado, also consulted by the Post, saying that the existence of a travel history of the infected person suggests that “there can be no single case” in the state.

Why is the new coronavirus virus more contagious? An expert in analysis

“There is much that we do not know about this new variant of covid-19, but scientists in the United Kingdom have announced worldwide that there is much more contagious. The health and safety of Colorado residents is our priority and we will be very careful in this case, as well as all the covid-19 ”indicators, added Governor Polis.

The governor and officials of a state health service were present at a press conference to amplify the information about this case.

More contagious but not less beautiful

This month, the British Governor announced that he had spotted a new covid-19 chip that would appear a 70% more contagious and may be linked to an increase in infections recorded in London and the English surgeon since November.

It is believed that the vacancies that are currently being applied against the coronavirus are also effective against the variant, informing in a bulletin press officers of Colorado health.

The new cepa has been detected in at least 17 countries around the world, a week ago, the director of the Centers for Allergy and Infections of the EU, Anthony Fauci, warned that the variant and its podium are in the territory of the country.

If the variant appears to propagate more easily, do not want people to be more involved or less likely to die, informs Scientific of the United Kingdom on Monday nights.

Tampoco has no signal that the people who become infected with the coronavirus have the highest probability of becoming infected if they are exposed to the variant, according to the Public Health England, a British government agency.

The detection of the first case of this disease in Colorado coincides with a document of the hospitalizations in the United States, which this March recorded a new record of 124,235 patients admitted by nursing, of which 22,838 are in care units intensives, from the platform The Covid tracking project.

Debt to the new variant, the CDC will issue new rules on the day of Christmas for the people living in the United States of the United Kingdom, demanding that show evidence of a negative test of covid-19.