The FBI is investigating the case of a possible suspect in the Nashville explosion

The FBI has identified a suspected suspect in the Nashville Fire Blast. Altos mandos confirm a nuestra cadena hermana NBC News que stand registering the house of Anthony Quinn Warner, 63 years old, in Antioquia, in the suburbs of the city.

The NBC News affiliate WSMV, confirms that the FBI is on the 100 block of Bakertown Rd, in the city.

A Google image of the master directory a casa house that val saam of ideological form with which the Nashville police dice were used in the explosion, and which appeared stationed on the walkway of the Warner house. Agreed with WSMV, the current case is not under the direction of Warner.

Officials are assuring that this person can be held responsible for the explosion. Significantly, more information about this brand has been found. siguen pidiendo al public que provean any piste about the case.

Authorities are recovering the location of the explosion, intentional, from a car in Nashville.AP

The governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, announced this Saturday that he had filed a statement of resignation as president, Donald Trump, over the potentially explosive ordeal in downtown Nashville, the state capital.

“La gravity and magnitude of the actual situation is that the effective response is more than the capacities of the state and of the affected local governments “, Lee signaled in a statement.

“I have confidence in what we are with this individual or our individuals“, As follows FBI spokesman Doug Korneski on Saturday at a press conference.

Korneski confirmed that he had a vested interest in the Nashville caravan explosion.

The FBI says it is investigating more than 500 pistes and has deployed more than 250 agents in the area. Although there are no indications of other explosive devices, the authorities are investigating any possible motive.

“Nos va a llevar algún tiempo”, dijo Korneski. “Our investigation team is reviewing each one”, in order to understand who is responsible for the explosion and by what reason.

“We have to be patient”, says the police chief John Drake

Asimismo, great courts of communication Continuously affecting many areas of Tennessee this Saturday.

Loose Tennessee and Kentucky Police Emergency Systems, as well as the telephone helpline of the COVID-19 of Nashville, permanent service was debited and an AT&T central office was affected by the explosion.

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The AT&T company says that restoration efforts are taking on various challenges, including a fire that “is being repaired at night and is being evacuated.” It has obliged its teams to work with security and structural engineers and make perforation access to the edification to reconnect the energy.

The insurance company that has installed two dry cellular towers at the city center for service and institution other portable sites.

Image of the vigilance chamber proportioned by the Nashville Metro showing a recreational vehicle involved in the explosion on December 25, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee.Metro de Nashville via AP

“Our teams are constantly working day and night to recover from the explosion of the Nashville mountain house,” the company said in a statement on Saturday.

Al minos 41 edificios fueron dañados, and the communication systems, including the residential and cellular telephone service and the call centers at 911, where the state fails, insures Lee. Kentucky and the north of Alabama are also affected, aggregate.

The caravans, including hecho, will briefly air the flights at the Nashville International Airport, but service will continue as usual from Saturday.

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According to Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake, police officers responded to the fire with information about a meeting with a police officer who was transmitting a message by an alert warning that a bomb explodes in 15 minutes. The police evacuated the search editions. The cascade of exploding little despot.

Officials have said that they the intentional explosion, but not with the motive or objective.

“This manor recounts the lie of the assassination,” Lee wrote on Saturday. “Los daños my impact and it’s a milieu that does not kill anyone resident “, added.

Search in the security rooms of the most detailed zone that help with the investigation REUTERS

The Nashville authorities are closing the fires on the night that find tejidos that can be human remains in the explosion zone.

Hasta now has not been confirmed bankruptcy due to the incident, dijeron el alcalde de la ciudad, John Cooper, el jefe de Policía, John Drake en el director del Department de Bomberos, William Swann.

The tejidos hallados will be examined to determine more details, according to the alkalde, which aggregate that the three people who are hospitalized by herids are located.

El alcalde Cooper declares un state of emergency at the center of the vigilante until 27 December.

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