The father gives his property to the Secretariat of State

ROME (AP) – The Papa Francisco formally disputes the Secretariat of the Vatican City State with its financial assets and real estate assets from its failed management of millions of euros and donations and inversions that are now the object of a corruption investigation.

Francisco has signed a new term of office during the week ending the Secretariat of State, which will complete the transfer of all its positions to the Vatican’s office before 4 February.

He also demands that all donations to the father — the Obolo of San Pedro, his donations from the dioceses and Catholic Christians of the world enter into the father, as well as other donations he has administered by the Secretariat of State — which are retained and administered by the Vatican Treasury Office as separate funds accounted for in the consolidated budget of Santa Sede.

The changes are a response to a recent criminal investigation by the Vatican over years of accusations of maladministration and inversion by the Vatican City Secretariat, which resulted in the loss of millions of euros and a moment of crisis. Santa Sede.

Francisco ordered the transfers in August and signed in November to name a commission to put the cans into practice. The new one permanently has the cambios and finds a company ready for its ejaculation.

The father said that he was waiting for the changes to increase the administration, control and vigilance regarding the activities of the Santa Sede and guarantee a “more transparent and efficient management”.