The dollar price is high and the exchange rate is 27 December 2020

To initiate operations, el dollar price estadounidense cotiza este domingo 27 deiciembre en un promedio de 20.13 a la venta en en 19.60 pesos a la compra en casab de ubikadas en el Aeropuerto Internacional “Benito Juárez” de la Ciudad México.

El cambio type on sale finds 20.20 pesos for sale in BBVA Mexico, while Banamex offered the dollar at 20.43 pesos and Banorte of 20.20 units.

Banco Azteca is the financial institution in Mexico that offers the most expensive dollar price, at 19.66 pesos for sale, according to For its part, the bank that buys the most expensive ticket is Monex, a 20.61 pesos.

The price of the Dollar in real time

Peso currency exchange rate and type

Thus, in order to realize bond payments in official institutions the type of peso-dollar exchange is valued at 20.11 Mexican pesos. In the SAT it is valued the dollar on 20.11.

As we mentioned in other informative notes of La Verdad News, the Reuters informs that the currency of the second mayor of the economy of Latin America, the Mexican peso closed with a price of 19.85. La moneda cotiza en Banco Base en 19.95.

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The Mexican peso is impulsive by a global appetite for risky despair that the United Kingdom sells an agreement with the European Union that it avoids a chaotic slump of one of the major commercial blocs in the world.

Dollar price at the beginning of December 27, 2020

Dollar price at the beginning of December 27, 2020

The agreement will preserve the access to Gran Bretaña with cereals and quotas near the single market of the block of 450 million consumers, but will not avoid the economic gulf and the trastors for the United Kingdom or the member states of the EU.

The ball, in turn, culminated temporarily in the session with a declare, ceding part of the registers registered in the previous year, although with a large volume of negotiations in the run-up to a holiday celebrating Christmas.

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The euro is being sold on Ventanilla according to at a maximum of 24.24 pesos, while the purchase is set at 24.21 pesos; the free book is offered at 26.98 pesos and purchased at 26.90 pesos.

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