The combustibles he dropped in 12 of the 19 weeks of Abinader in the power

During the period of opposition, the leaders of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) eran the critical principles of the “high” precedents of the mantuvieron during the passage of the past and the formula used to calculate the amount to pay a gallon of gasoline.

Without embarrassment, during the first four months of Luis Abinader’s governor, one of the most critical principles in his management was based on constant alzas of prices in combustion.

Of the 19 weeks, the figures complement the next 1 year, which has been paid by the Abinader administration to establish the prices of the combustibles, in 12 of them he has increased the costs of the fuel.

The first of these alzas was registered in the week of August 29 to September 4 when the gasoline premium presented a price of RD $ 209.30 per gallon, below RD $ 2.70 per gallon, while the regular is quoted at RD $ 199.90 per gallon, with an increase of RD $ 3.60 per gallon.

In this opportunity, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Industry (MICM) justifies the increase in the prices charged in connection with Hurricane Laura by the United States.

During this week, in the following three-week multi-purpose gas pumps, offering the premium gasoline at RD $ 204.40, a five-pound bath that regular gasoline costs RD $ 195.90, with a bath of four pesos.

For the following four weeks and in a consecutive manner, increments will be recorded on the prices of the combustibles and, for the 23rd of October, the price of the regular gasoline will be from RD $ 198.30 and the premium from RD $ 208.30, representing an increase of sixty and five pesos, respectively.

On this occasion, the MICM said that the increases were due to the West Texas Intermediate contribution, which recorded a slight increase in these weeks while knowing that the inventories were at 1.63 million barrels. We also want to reduce the gasoline reserves to 4.02 million barrels, which will increase demand.

Between the weeks of October 17th and November 13th, the derivatives of the petroleum are steadily rising, marking minimum prices of RD $ 200.40 per gallon (gasoline premium, RD $ 8 less) and $ 190.20 per gallon (regular gasoline, also with 8 pesos less).

Since then, the prices have risen sharply and the MICM has cited as reasons for the optimistic euphoria of global oil prices in the oil market, due to the approval of Pfizer’s vaccine against the new coronavirus Covid-19, cual ha impulsado hacia arriba los pricios de los futuros del petroloo, con un incremento promedio de US $ 1,65, lykstaande aan 3,8% met relación a la semana y también el arrangan de las vacunaciones massivas contra el letal virus en different parts of the world.

The last of the justifications made by the ministry argued that it had a “global era” during the new Covid-19 trial in the United Kingdom, which has the object of criticism and burdens on the part of social media users.

The constant price during the last weeks has been fixed on regular gasoline at RD $ 203.90 and the premium at RD $ 217.20, for an increase of 13 and 17 pesos, respectively.

“The formula of Ito”

The Minister of Commerce, Víctor “Ito” Bisonó has the most to say on the basis of the prices, which he owns as the deputy questioned the formula that is used to implement the prices of the combustibles and published a video and where to apply one of the prices que demostraban que los mismos deberían de ser “más baratos”. The video and the properties dedicated to it were named by the public as the “Formula de Ito”.

Without embarrassment in the verse criticized, in October the executor assured that no promise that he would remove the charges that the cargo has the combustibles and explained that with the video that he showed “his form” what he was looking for to know what is happening with this 48 for the tax that is digging in the gallon of gasoline.

“Yes, you pay 48 per cent of taxes you make with your money. I did not promise that I would like to change the percentages of those who compose, because I have been a legislator for 18 years because there is no minister like the cambia ”, was said by the Minister during a participation in the Hoy Mismo program, transmitted by Color Vision, channel 9.

At the moment Abinader assumes the presidency of the Republic, the premium gas gallon stig ‘n RD $ 206,60 y and currently stands at RD $ 217,20, representing an increase of 11 pesos and four management months.