The best movies of 2020

The definition of the film as “escape” has never been more real than in 2020. In the middle of nowhere, the seventh species invites us to transport different parts of the world, distinct epochs, but the most important, to be saved of others.

Cierre de los cines y la ausencia de projectos de alto presupuesto -que incluie al cine de superhéroes- abrió paso a que median propueestas e Independientes occupy the “spotlight” for first time in years. Además, colocó a companies like Netflix in a career position for the Oscar and other awards that celebrate the best of this year.

Películas de la prime plataforma from the “streaming” como “Da 5 Bloods” by director Spike Lee and “The Trial of the Chicago 7” by Aaron Sorkin, which plays a positive role in the celebration of a “Mank” and “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” “. This is the last time we saw the failure of Chadwick Boseman in his last act, to make the most of his career.

Other platforms will not be found later, with Amazon Prime ludicrously with acclaimed titles such as “Sound of Metal”, “The Vast of Night” in the anthology “Small Ax” by director Steve McQueen (12 Years A Slave).

Without prejudice, the 10 Best Movies of 2020.

10. Sound of Metal

The actor Riz Ahmed is no longer obsequia the best actuation of his career in ‘Sound of Metal’, an extraordinary and inclusive experiment in sound design. With an initial sequel to the rumor that a Metallica concierge sues like Radio AM, it’s clear that what it’s coming up with is an innumerable proposition like no other. With the rhythm of the brake pedal in the audience and the potential voice of Lou (Olivia Cooke) as for the passionate drummer, Ruben (Ahmed), the band that started the last battery presentation with a set salient words. For his proximity show, Ruben has lost 80% of his audition. This is where the story of Ruben really comes from, a loss, addition and superiority that utilizes an innovative sound design to insert the audience into the way the protagonist’s loss also lasts. It’s an admirable experiment that transcends the “gimmick” that opens its doors to an empathic experience that will rarely be seen by the cinema.

Available in Amazon Prime Video.

9. Never Rarely Sometimes Always

On the other hand, a journey through the New York City with young people usually accompanied by adventure, laughter and laughter, but not in this important drama of director Eliza Hittman. Sidney Flanigan debuted with the act of acting as Autumn, an adolescent who embarks on a journey with his prime for someterse an abortion in secret over an embarrassment. Hittman’s proposal develops with urgency, but never with sensationalism or sermon. According to history about the right of a woman to succeed in succeeding with her body and the invasive process, “Never Seldzaam Soms Altyd” is the new and elevated stand.

Available in Video On Demand.

8. Charm City Kings

The angel Angel Soto (La Granja) Arroja reads a subculture of motorcyclists in Baltimore in this impressive cinematographic proposition that works its most intimate moments with the elegance of its most emotional sequences. In essence, “Charm City Kings” is a story of madness and with morality, which is not escalated in Hollywood. Without embarrassment, the actions of its main actors -leaded by Jahi Di’Allo Winston- and the board of directors of Soto elevan are proposed to be one of the most detached of the year 2020. the glorification of a style of life that will take away males decidissings. But in its mission to be authentic in the representation of this subculture, Soto helps that the logger transcends the most common clichés of the cinema.

Available on HBO Max.

7. Da 5 Bloedjies

Delroy Lindo will lead a Spike Lee director’s power of attorney with a sober actuation of all existing premiums. The movie, one of Netflix’s proposals to compete for prizes this year, follows a group of veterans who are regressing to Vietnam and looking for a treasure that they and their leader can watch during the war. The emotional drama explores the consequences of war and how it is with us forever. Similar to other proposals from the director of the stadium, “Da 5 Bloods” is a replica of ideas – one aterrizan and others no – in addition to moments of pure genius and tension.

Available on Netflix.

6. promising young woman

In 2020, there will be no more difficult prediction to predict that “Promising Young Woman”, a story of revenge as never before seen. Carey Mulligan obsequia us the best action of his career as Cassandra, a woman who, while abandoning the medical school for reasons that will be obvious, develop a plan to avenge men that intentionally approve of women and their most vulnerable moments. But more than a simple vengeance, the emerald Fennell’s belt will expose the hypocrisy of a machinist society and the inexplicable type of behavior in men because historically we have a high standard of living.

Available engines.

5. Minari

Steven Yeun and Han Ye-ri are leading the semi-biographical inspirational history of the director and guionista of the United States, Lee Isaac Chung, about a family of immigrants from Korea of ​​Sur that lies to the United States in the search of the American South. Mediante of the best actions of the year and a beautiful photograph, Chung tells a universal story of assimilation that resonates with miles of families of different cultures. The same families who are embarrassed in the search for an economic stability that pudiese reduce in a better life for their homes.

Will be available in Chinese in February.

4. A sun

This treasure, which is from the principles of the year 2020 in the extensive Netflix catalog, exams suicide, loss and familiar drama without summing up the melodrama. In their hours and duration of media, this Taiwanese state has a family that needs to provide one and the other follows the decisions of its members, the opposing poles. Exent cases for complete sentimentalism forced, “A Sun” deja that sean the lines of honest dialogue and actions in pantalla that contains a dramatic epic that extends to the years of the years of a family fractured by the distinct distances.

Available on Netflix.

3. Nomadland

This will create the persona that will introduce the tariffs to introduce the Eternals in the Marvel Cinematographic Universe is the language that during our proximity will increase the conversation of the Oscars, especially in such main categories of Direction and Major Pelicula, always elusive for women and other minorities. His name is Chloé Zhao, China’s director who is just now completing a good trilogy on the American West. Frances McDormand regressed to the charge with another role that allowed him to sum up the melancholy he had perfected during the years. Here, as a fiery lame Fern who has a day to live and decides to convert in name, the veteran actress offers optimism and hope, with the help of the director – adapting the homonymous novel of the author Jessica Bruder – to try to present the difficulties of a style of living migration.

Will be available in Chinese in February.

2. Ema

Excellent deeds and an electrifying direction do not avoid that “Emma”, from the Chilean Pablo Larraín (Jackie) is an incredibly difficult to digest. With his most recent provocative provocation, Larraín explores the complex emancipation of the most common social conventions such as the relationships and familiar structures traversed by Ema, a regalia that moves to the rhythm of his traumas and a desire to be free. Ideally, actress Mariana Di Girólamo will be among the favorites for the Best Actress Oscar in 2021.

1. Ya No Estoy Aquí (I am no longer here)

For Ulysses, the leader of a pandilla who called the Terkos, his urgent allegiance to the United States is a double victim. For one thing, he had to leave his family to protect Monterrey’s rampant crime. On the other hand, it was forced to say goodbye to a subculture of flats with Colombian market elements and an inclination towards Cumbia. Documented living in the United States, followed by Ulysses meanwhile forced with the transculturation, the barrier of the language and the obstinate intermediaries present with the immigrant. Director Fernando Fría de la Parra accepts these themes with respect and honesty in a sense of sensationalism. Together with an impressive debut by Juan Daniel García Treviño as Ulysses, Frías de la Parra has confirmed the best film of 2020.

Available on Netflix.