The 98-year-old designer Pierre Cardin, pioneer of door-to-door

The designer Pierre Cardin, a pioneer of ready-to-carry doors in Italy installed in Paris since 1945, failed this March on the 98th anniversary of his death, announcing his family to the French media.

The stylist died at Neuilly’s stadium hospital, in the aftermath of the French capital.

Cardin, man of business that crI have an emporio with his name, participation with André Courrèges and Paco Rabanne in the Renovation of the French high altar during the posguerra period and found in the large part of his trayectoria the futuristic creations.

Born in 1922 in the small town of Sant’Andrea di Barbarana, near Venice, in the heart of a family of farmers who emigrated to France fascist, commenced in fashion for the 14 years, in the French community of Saint-Étienne, as assistant of a sastre.

In 1944 empezó a trabajar en la por entonces célebre firma Paquin, in Paris, donde dibujó el vestuario y las mascaras de la película de Jean Cocteau “La bella y la bestia”.

In the capital passed by some of the firms most respected by the fashion in the early middle of sail XX, like Schiaparelli, amiga by excellence of the surrealist, and Christian Dior, that acababa to abrid its ten for that time.

Junto a Dior, Cardin always presumed to have participated in the creation of the trachea trajectory which was converted into the emblem of the firm and which formed the famous “New Look”, adjusted in belt and volume in the folds.

In 1950, through this experience, created its own brand that built with its number and was critical in the revolution that saw the industry in the second half of Sail XX, when the ropa a medida dio lugar to the productions in cadena, ellamado ready to go, much more accessible than the high costura.

Cardin has maintained the finesse of his designs and his love for fashion, in a style that many still have recently, representing the designer and his contemporary creation followers.

It is questionable in an interview the “peligro” of which the fashion producer is ready and defends his style. “I have a recyclable style, it’s my company. There can be no other way to say” designers, decia.