Telegram will monitor and monetize the service next year

Telegram is approaching the 500 million active users, a figure that shows the plan for the maintenance of the messaging service and which he delivered to his founder, Pavel Durov, to share the plans that are for the future of the service from 2021.

The creator who experimented with the application included an increment in the server and traffic guest. During this time, Durov’s proposition has increased the cost of the guests with their personal belongings, but it is a means that no one can go out of time.

‘With its current record, Telegram is in the truck of reading thousands of millions of users and requires adequate funding’, Durov said in a publication, indicating that, ‘when an electronic technology project is underway, it generally has win money to cover costs or sell business “.

Durov has made sure that he does not sell the company “as hicieron the founders of WhatsApp”. But it has been informed that Telegram will empress the next year, in an intrusive form that the majority of users “open notary”.

This has new features and features that will be introduced to the most active users or users. The standard users will have access to the habitual features, which will be free.

These plans include publicity. Durov has made sure that he does not appear in the chats or other messaging functions, even in the channels. To this end, Telegram will use its own advertising platform to ensure that privacy is respected without harassing users, as long as they help cover it.