Stiven Plaza, 21 years old, ‘football’ ‘deception’ by traer ‘envy, hypocrisy and false friends’ | Ecuatorians on the outside | Deport

Twenty-five years of experience and openness in professionalism are enough for Stiven Plaza to be “deceptions” of football. El Ecuatoriano del Trabzonspor turco, cuyos derechos pertenecen al Valladolid español, lamenting the “envy, hypocrisy and false pretenses” that carry the balloon, agrees with a temporary publication in its social speeches.

“That football is very hypocritical. For that, I was deceived. The family is a murder. Yo, de pequeño, practicaba mi firma, porque sonba con ser famoso y dar autógrafos, pero era la mentalidad propia de un nio. Now my hy dado account that the famous people are their worst. Football is sad envy, hypocrisy and false friends “, says the young delantero driekleur.

There is no semester period, particularity, para Plaza. Fue presented at the club of the city of Trebisonda (junta al mar Negro) the past 8th of August, antes to mark the present of the Turkish balloon. Read the pre-order mode at least one year, Valladolid’s claimant, giving no minutes. Pero in Trabzonspor has also been released. It seems that the team of the Tigers will play so much in the week as at the end of the week, the last appearance of the Ecuadorian on the 16th of December in the Turkish Cup. This day, he was substituted and his team was defeated in the fifth round (penalty shootout) ahead of Adana Demirspor.

So much so, for the last time that the tricolor was played by the Turkish Superliga, needs to be repaired by December 7. But, starting from the bank, he entered the canal at minute 89. Trabzonspor opened the match at 1 in his camp with Sivasspor. Practically no consideration is given to technical director Abdullah Avci – and the cargo from the November finals – to Plaza. (D)