Steve Hodge will not sell Maradona player valued at 1 mdd VIDEO

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What at the moment was considered as an act that rozaba the tints of traction, he has converted an authentic treasure. And that’s the English footballer, Steve Hodge, related to how we exchanged with Diego Armando Maradona camisetas in a tragic duel for the British of the World Cup of 1986.

Hodge accepto that at the moment his teammates are molestaron with el, debido a que Maradona in that duel executed the famous’Mano de Dios‘; no matter, the English explained that with the passing of the years the t-shirt was still having a sentimental value for him, even though it was potentially tras the death of Pelusa, for what it is tajante and assure that the take is not for sale.

“The change in the final of the party and I have been much criticized by him. And other selection partners are happy to agree. This t-shirt was worn for 34 years and was never intended to be sold.. It has an incredible sentimental value. It’s inconvenient and unpleasant “, indicates Steve Hodge, in an interview with the BBC.

He has articles and internet diciendo que quiero uno o dos millones visits y eso es mentira. Find out what we mean when it comes to painting a picture about yourself. No one is for sale, lo aclaro “, anñadió Hodge, who has received constant llamas with the end of buying the t-shirt, maybe only specialists star valued at one million dollars.

No culpa a Maradona

Steve Hodge consider that the duel between England y Argentina of the Final Cup World Cup Quotes will always live in the history of world football, much debited to the action that you have Maradona in that duel donde hizo un gol con la mano, a situation that only makes it cause an animated version against el Pelusa.

“This match will never be played in the history of football. Never the culprit for his goal with the mano. Maradona fue un extraordinario jugador. You are valiant as a lion. Solía ​​is patedo in all parts by jugaba “, remató.