State updates vaccination schedule, offers new online tools

JACKSON, Tennessee – The Tennessee Department of Health is answering some urgent questions about vaccinations in Tennessee.

Covid 19 phases

There are major changes to the vaccination schedule in Tennessee, starting with certain rural counties opening the vaccines to anyone 75 years or older.

‘Countries with fewer healthcare workers start today with 75 plus. So any Tennessean 75-year-old and older, ”said Lisa Piercey, commissioner of the Department of Health in Tennessee.

Piercey says the phases and who is in them are determined by risk, not important, and explains some of the changes.

‘We have an ongoing focus on equity, but our overarching principle in determining all of these phases is risk. Risk to our overarching healthcare structure, risk to individual health outcomes, risks to our society and economy, ”Piercey said.

To see if your country is one of them, you can go to the new page on the health department’s website, which monitors the progress of vaccination.

There was also a change in the groups. Teachers are now in group 1b, just behind health workers. Despite the change, Piercey was adamant that reopening the school would not be linked to progress with the vaccine.

“It’s not a link we make there. We rightly plead for schools to be open before teachers are vaccinated. We do not strive at all for the school to be reopened for the vaccination of teachers, ”Piercey said.

Eventually, there will be a new notification system that will let you know when you can get the vaccine.

“This is going to be very important for people because it will not only help them determine what phase they are in, but it will also give them an option to be notified when their phase comes online,” Piercey said. .

The notification system notification has not yet been launched. Click here to find out more about COVID-19.