Stardew Valley Digimon Ranch Mod Transforms Your Livestock

There are a lot of Stardew valley mods that change the appearance of characters or the world. Some of them even pull out popular ranges to change the appearance of animals, such as a Pokémon mod that appeared in 2016. Now another type of digital sample is available for a purely cosmetic fit change. DonValleyParkway has a Stardew Valley Digimon Ranch mod.

As you would expect, this Stardew valley mod changes the appearance of different types of livestock. Instead of seeing normal chickens, cows and other creatures, you see a handful Digimon sprites. Keep in mind that you will need Pathoschild’s Content Patcher tool and the SMAPI modding API to use this creation in the computer version of the game.

Here is a complete list of the characters that DonValleyParkway added to the game with the Stardew Valley Digimon Ranch mod.

  • Agumon: brown chicken
  • Ankylomon: Vark
  • Armadillomon: Piglet
  • Biyomon: Duck
  • Bullmon: White cow
  • DemiVeemon: Blue Chick
  • Gomamon: brown calf
  • Guilmon: dinosaur
  • Gummymon: Rabbit Kitten
  • Ikkakumon: Brown cow
  • Keromon: Void Chicken
  • Koromon: Brown chick
  • Oryxmon: Bok
  • Pabumon: White chick and duckling
  • Pillomon: Sheep after being sheared
  • Salamon: Bokbokkie
  • Sheepmon: Sheep before being sheared
  • Tapirmon: white calf
  • Tentomon: White chicken
  • Terriormon: Rabbit
  • Tsumemon: Void Chick
  • Veemon: Blue Chicken
  • Xiaomon: Lam

Here are some screenshots from DonvalleyParkway showing the Digimon in play.

Stardew valley is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices. The 1.5 update is immediately available for the computer version, and it will appear to consoles in early 2021.