Star Trek actor James Doohan’s Ashes are kept secret aboard the ISS

Private astronaut Richard Garriott says that in 2008 he carried the ashes of Star Trek actor James Doohan to the ISS and stored them there.

A one-time private astronaut reveals that he kept it a secret Star Trek as of actor James Doohan aboard the International Space Station. Doohan was a little known but very experienced actor, mostly in television, when he made his big breakthrough as chief engineer Montgomery Scott on Star Trek: The Original Series.

Indeed, the role of Scotty would be a huge blessing for Doohan’s career, as he would play the character seven times on the big screen, starting with 1979s. Star Trek: The Movie and ends with 1994s Star Trek: Generations. Doohan also played Scott Star Trek: The Next Generation in a memorable episode that sees the long-lost Starfleet officer come back to life after locking up his cartridge in a transport cycle for 75 years (a fitting fate for the character linked to the iconic phrase “Beam me up , Scotty. “). After Doohan died in 2005 at the age of 85, his family attempted to give the fictional astronaut a true journey to the stars by using his ashes aboard a sub-orbital rocket that flew after a short flight to Earth. returned (unfortunately the ashes were lost on a mountain slope).

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Now it is being revealed for the first time that some of Doohan’s remains have achieved a more permanent place in the Earth’s orbit aboard the International Space Station. Entrepreneur Richard Garriott has just revealed it The times that in 2008, when he flew as a private astronaut to the ISS aboard a Russian capsule, he secretly laminated a photo of Doohan with some of his ashes on it and stored it on the space station under the carpet has. As Garriott said:

“It was completely clandestine … His family was delighted with the ashes that were there, but was disappointed that we could not talk about it in public. Now enough time has passed that we can. James Doohan found his resting place among the stars. ”

James Doohan as Scotty in Star Trek

Garriott says Doohan’s son, Chris, contacted him a few days before his 12-day $ 12 million private flight to the ISS via Space Adventures, the company he founded himself, about the possibility of his father’s ashes in the to get space. Since Garriott’s flight, the ISS has recorded 1.7 billion miles in orbit, with a small piece of Doohan literally hidden in the floor.

Doohan was actually not the first Star Trek-related figure to leave the earth posthumously since the creator Gene Roddenberry had his own remains shot into space in 1997. When he smuggles his ashes to the space station, it seems to Doohan, who may have considered moving on Star Trek a fairly mundane achievement given that as a young Canadian soldier he stormed the beaches of Normandy as part of the D-Day invasion. After years of Doohan’s ashes secretly staying aboard the ISS, it’s nice that this story has finally made its way to the world, so Star Trek fans may like to know that the beloved Scotty was radiated for the first time.

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