Should the Steelers play their beginners on Sunday?

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Pittsburgh Steelers have a decision to face the Browns on Sunday afternoon. The Chiefs locked up the No. 1 seed and the Steelers locked up the AFC North and the first playoff weekend’s home game. The only thing they can think of is boring and how much does it ultimately matter?

Pittsburgh has not had a real bee week all season, though it would not be like a bee week, but a handful of entrees let it be known that they are not going this week and give them time to clear their minds and getting body right can be a bad thing. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with keeping guys healthy for the playoffs.

On the other hand, it can be nice to keep the momentum of the second half of the Colts game going if they can. The playoffs are often about health and momentum, and the Steelers can still use a strong offensive performance, even if they only play half, to keep some momentum going after a cruel December.

There may even be a section of the Steelers who might find the idea to do what they can to keep the Browns out of the playoffs.

The Browns face the Steelers on Sunday, which is essentially a win-or-go home. Mary Kay Cabot and I answered Tuesday’s Orange and Brown Talk podcast four questions about the Browns.

  • Will the Browns face the Steelers’ forerunners?
  • Is this the best version of the Browns list as it gets healthy?
  • Did something happen to you on Sunday that worries you?
  • Is this Kevin Stefanski’s biggest test as head coach?

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