Shakira reveals the reason for not being married to Gerard Piqué

Shakira and Gerard Piqué is one of the most solid pairs in the world, not just football, but of general entertainment.

The song and defense of Barcelona has a corner of more than ten years, of which there are two. Without embarrassment, the famous couple never got married.

Shakira and Piqué became acquainted with the grabbing of the video of “Waka Waka”, the theme of the Copa del Mundo de Sudafrica 2010 and is currently not being connected, thanks to the clip that started its amorous corner.

‘For me, it was very impactful. Tuve que bailar ”, Gerard Piqué said in an interview with 60 Minutes, to which Shakira replied:“ Well, I do not rent ”.

“Geen. Nee. Tuve que … Tuve que hacer algo, algo, algo de movimiento. Sí”. – “Hiciste un poco de eso, del waka”, replica Shakira.

But this cameo of a second was enough to paralyze Shakira’s attention.

“I’m not a football fanatic, so I’ve not known who she was. Peru when watching the video, thought: ‘Hmm. Ese es un poco lindo ‘. And there are many decisions we will make ”.

Journalist Bill Whitaker later reportedly asked the couple why there were no unions, and Shakira replied that the subject was matrimony.

Para decirte la verdad, el matrimonio me asusta. Geen quiero que me vea como la esposa nie. I prefer to live as a novice ”. Gerard Piqué aggregated: “La novia”.

“Exactly. Su amante, su novia. How is a forbidden fruit, do you think? I want to be alerted. I think that everything that is possible depends on the behavior ”.