Selena Gómez: estoy orgullosa de mis raíces mexicanas

Selena Gomez hablado in various occasions of his Mexican travels and the organ that is belonging to a Mexican-American family, which he included including political activism in favor and defense of the migrants living in the United States, his country of origin.

In a recent interview with Vogue Mexico, the actress of “Los Hechiceros de Waverly Place“, Selena Gómez, commenting that her parents, who are of Mexican origin, live with her and that for her family it is all for the sake of”Rare”, Lo hace que siente sorge orgullosa de sus raices y las presume en todo moment.

Although Selena Gomez nation in Texas, United States, and has no Spanish language, always has an organized journey from the road that takes its toll, along with Guadalajara has Texas, in search of a distinct distinction and its victims also he has left there now.

It is therefore within the repertoire of musical compositions of Selena Gomez find the song “A year without Lluvia”, Cual finds himself in Spanish as English, and now there is the only song he has interpreted in the idiom of his abuelos.

For that, Selena Gomez do not immerse yourself in signaling that their abusers are immigrants and that they are illegally approaching them United States, history that many share in the country of peace, regarding all the lies of the migratory policies that exist in the United States.

And that is, segun account the property Selena Gomez, its abuels and its ten joins the United States in an illegal manner, as part of a truck, for which during the renovation of our presence in the north, we are active in our social speeches promoting the vote for Joe Biden and less restricted migratory policies.

His name and his connection with Mexico

In an interview with Selena Gómez, she was attracted to the Netflix streaming platform, signaling that her father had chosen her number in honor of the bankrupt Selena Quintanilla, who also lived in a Mexican migrant family and became an icon of the mica world.

And although Selena Gómez is not a Latin music singer, we can say the song she sang only as a singer, she was also an actress, now as a businesswoman who has launched her “Rare Beauty” cosmetics line, including with his series 13 Reasons why.

Although his family history has greatly influenced Selena Gómez, she has only been in favor of the rights of Latino migrants, although she has also performed on her platforms to become arodescendient and with her busier best conditions of life for those who read and receive immigrants.