Science has sucked less in a struggling year ten times less

With a new coronavirus devastating the world since spring, the year 2020 was tough. Yet, even in these difficult times, some moments of joy have crept in – and some of them have been unleashed by awesome scientific discoveries and phenomena. From the incredible efforts of scientists to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in record time to seals and swimming dinosaurs, here are ten ways in which science has made a struggling year suck less.

Covid-19 vaccines

(Image credit: Photo by BSIP / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This year, scientists around the world have made a massive and unprecedented effort to develop vaccines to fight the new coronavirus; and they did so on unprecedented timescales. Less than a year after the mysterious group of pneumonia-like diseases was identified in Wuhan, China, scientists have developed 223 coronavirus vaccines to fight the virus that caused them; 57 of these vaccines are already being tested on humans, According to the WHO. Two of the vaccines are already being deployed in the US; those use a relatively new technology based on a synthetic string of genetic code called messenger RNA that replenishes the immune system to fight the new coronavirus. The COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna are 95% and 94.1% effective, respectively. In addition, experts say that this technology could be a game changer for vaccine development in the future.