Samuel García, mexican senator, is blank of memes vir benotzen Photoshop para simular que llevaba mascarilla | El Salvador News

The employee was criticized and ridiculed in social media for deciding to eliminate the publication, but he was fired late; the internet the viralizaron.

His intention was to concentrate on the Mexican people regarding the importance of the use of cubrebocas or mascara; without embarrassment the example that utilized not totally inadequate.

Through his social speeches, Samuel García, the candidate for governor of New Leon, had just published a photograph, which ironically he had against what he was saying.

“Let us take care of our loved ones and maintain the guard of honor: celebrating every day with the means of health and possible distance”, was the message that the official wrote.

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Sondeverbod, the image reflects all the opposite. She can see Garcia in the company of her relatives. The outcome of the basic rules for combating the pandemic will be resolved.

Ni García, ni su family is standing respecting social distance; and tampoco are using cubrebocas. And with the aim of avoiding the criticisms, the haberdasher officer collided with Photoshop mascara on all the halls in the criticized image.

Photo: Instagram

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Photo: Twitter

The Curious image calls the attention of internet women who are mofaring without footing, not only because of its presence but also through the use of photo editing program.

This is not the first time that Samuel García calls media attention for a positive detail. Recently during an interview, I made a comment that was outrageous to the Mexicans.

“Have people with a 50-mile ledge and live happily ever after,” he said, referring to the lowland castles; without embargo the Grand Mayoria subsists with an inferior surplus of 132.22 diaries. Another of the comments I received from Burles, when I signaled that his father was obliged to play golf.

Photo: Twitter