Rumor has it Ubisoft + will join Xbox Game Pass next year

It is understood that Ubisoft + will join Xbox Game Pass next year, just as EA Play joined the service this year.

Before the launch of the next generation Xbox Series X | This year, Xbox’s subscription service was created by many people as a fantastic deal for gamers. During the year we saw how many big name games put the service on the market, such as: Red Dead Redemption 2 for a small period. To coincide with the launch of the Xbox Series X | S, EA partnered with Xbox to include EA Play in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and now there are rumors that Ubisoft may do the same next year.

EA Play is its own subscription service, which allows players to pay a monthly fee to access a multitude of EA-specific titles, but when they joined Xbox Game Pass, players only had to pay a monthly fee for Xbox Game Pass to access. Ubisoft also has its own similar subscription service that was originally known as Uplay + before being recently renamed as Ubisoft + earlier this year.

According to Empty sloth who shared an Xbox Worlds article (thanks, Somosxbox), those on Xbox Game Pass can access Ubisoft + sometime in Holiday 2021.

The article gives an overview of the ten best rumors for Xbox, with numerous claims such as; Xbox will acquire SEGA next year, and Xbox will secure publishing rights to a major AAA game starting in 2021, and apparently Forza Horizon 5, Starfield, en Wolfenstein 3 are rumored to be launching for Xbox consoles next year. However, there seems to be no weight to any of the rumors being made, and therefore should not be taken as a fact.

As for the rumor of Ubisoft +, given how Xbox Game Pass saw more than 15 million users in September 2020, it’s a pretty smart move to do so. EA Play is currently available on Xbox consoles through the Game Pass service – though those on Game Pass for PC will have to wait a bit. If Ubisoft + launches in Holiday 2021, there’s a chance that EA Play’s inclusion could end with Ubisoft taking its place.

Again, rumors are rumors, do not read it and consider it a gospel, but speculate and join a good old chinwag in the comments.