Roy Jones and the day the robaron won the Olympic gold in Seoul 1988; boxing party promise

Roy Jones Jr. stuvo cerca no haber sido la gran leyenda del boxeo que es hoy, y esto como consequence of su controversy derrota en la pelea por la medalla de oro en los Olympic Games of Seoul 1988.

“Estaba asqueado”, dijo Jones about that experience in interview with Shannon Sharpe. “If it’s not the sport for me, it’s because I’m running a career and the first appointments are not easy, it’s something bad in this sport. Tal vez el boxeo no era para mí ».

Roy Jones Jr. competition in the super welter weight division in the Olympic Games of Seoul in 1988. The stadium leader has no problems, but in the end he tops with a player representing the organizer, the surcoreano Park Si-hun. The Korean has won another controversial decision in the semifinals. Roy dominated by completing the actions and connecting 86 goals, while Park apenas solo 32. Además, a Park the tuvieron que dar dos conteos de pie, ya pesar de esto, ganó la pelea en una decisión divide 3-2.

The estadounidense, ante la injusticia, tuvo que quedarse con la medalla de plata en

“Deberia needs to be boxed and dejarlo ir”, pensive Jones. “I read it at home and told you that a statement would be rejected. Because once, nadie buscaba a los que ganaban medallas de oro. Buscaban has tips on what the habían hecho trampa, y que se quedaron con la medalla de plata, lo cual me voló la cabeza ».

This change brought about the sensation of Seoul 1988 a Roy Jones

“It’s been a quick demonstration that God can convert your pesadilla into the mayor’s bend,” Jones said. “In my moment, when I’ve been on the other side of my life. I’ve been victimized for many years and I’ve been robbed, I think that’s all for me. I’m the most famous than all. Including the many who win the medal of gold ».

The rest is history. Roy Jones Jr. converts to a world-class boxer during years and has one of the most fruitful careers of all time.

Jones Jr. recently regressed to the box in a duel of exhibition ante Mike Tyson, a duel that culminated in an empathy and review of the best moments of both.